What are Exit Tickets?

Exit tickets serve as quick informal assessment tools that help teachers collect data about what students “took away” from a lesson.

Knowing this information guides teachers in planning future instruction.

Exit slips may be used daily, weekly, or several times within a day.

How to Use Exit Tickets

  • Decide what information you want to know about students’ understanding of the lesson.
  • Brainstorm questions or prompts most appropriate for eliciting the type of information you would like to gather.
  • Present the prompts and/questions to students at the appropriate time (e.g. end of lesson or to review material). Provide up to 10 minutes for them to complete.
  • Collect the data, and use it to inform instruction.

Use exit slips to gather feedback quickly, analyze data to differentiate instruction, document progress over time, and gain a holistic view of students’ knowledge.


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exit tickets


exit tickets

Exit Ticket Templates

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exit tickets


exit tickets


exit tickets

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