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Final Report Card Comments

  • This school year, _____ has consistently shown that she is willing to go the extra mile to make sure her work is superb. She is fully prepared for what lies ahead.
  • It’s been a pleasure to teach _____ this school year. I wish him/her all the best in (insert grade level).
  • _____ has good work and study habits, and it has been a joy to watch her significant progress month-to-month.
  • It is evident that _____ has a deep motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Because of this, he or she has excelled beyond grade level expectations this school year.
  • What an impressive year _____had! Well done!
  • This year, I’ve enjoyed working with _____. He/she will accomplish many great things in the year ahead.
  • I’m so proud of _____. I’ve witnessed the incredible transformation of his skill and strategy application in all subject areas.
  • It has been an honor to be _____’s teacher plus witness her explosive progress in math and reading. Kudos to a job well-done, and I am confident that she/he will tackle all objectives that lie ahead in (insert grade level). 
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Congratulations to _____! He/she has exceeded academic expectations in all areas. Keep up the fantastic work.
  • _____ has been a joy to teach.  
  • _____ had a great first year at (insert school’s name). She assimilated well to her new friends, classroom, and teacher.
  • Though _____ struggled a bit academically towards the beginning of the school year, she/he started to soar in second semester (insert any applicable time period). I highly recommend continued reinforcement plus support at home and school when he/she’s in (insert grade level).
  • I am confident that _____ will keep up the good work in (insert grade level). It has been a delight to teach her, and I wish her all the very best.
  • _____ is a special child who will be missed. I have no doubt that he/she will have much success in the next grade or at his/her new school.
  • I recommend that _____ continue to read daily during the vacation months.
  • The continued support at school and at home along with specific accommodations have helped _____ progress beyond grade level standards this year.
  • _____ demonstrated incredible improvement throughout the school year. With continued motivation and a growth mindset, he/she will undoubtedly reach his/her full potential in the near future.
  • _____ has been a unique asset to our class community, and my hope is that she/he maintains that spirit of hard work and positivity.
  • As the year progressed, _____ changed for the better and is ready to tackle what lies ahead. I wish him/her all the best in (insert grade level).
  • What an absolute pleasure to have taught _____ this school year. Her happy spirit and warm smile will be greatly missed.
  • Though the year started off shaky, it is evident that _____ has matured much and is ready to tackle the expectations of (insert grade level).
  • I am proud to say that _____is a model citizen who has been a pleasure to teach this year.
  • In order to prevent “summer slide”, I suggest that _____ regularly practice the following skill/strategy during the vacation months (insert any needs improvement for the child).
  • _____’s enthusiasm for learning made her a pleasant addition to the class.
  • With support from school and home, ______will continue to excel well beyond grade-level expectations in the coming year.
  • _____’s optimistic attitude along with his/her strong work ethic will be the key to continued success next year.
  • I’ll sincerely miss _____. It’s been an honor to teach him/her.
  • It’s been a pleasure being _____’s (insert grade level) grade teacher.
  • Due to making adjustments from feedback, _____ is finishing the school year performing above grade level in math, reading, and spelling. This is amazing! I recommend that he maintains his good work habits so that he crushes all expectations in 4th grade. All the best!
  • If _____ remains focused and hard-working, he or she will thrive in (insert grade level) grade.
  • How wonderful it has been to see _____blossom into an avid reader this school year!
  • Please continue to practice basic multiplication facts (insert any other needs improvement objective) at least 3 times per week during the summer break.
  • I have no doubt that _____ will meet the expectations of the upcoming grade level.
  • Though I’m excited to see what great things _____ will do next year, I will miss having him/her in my class.
  • I want to note that _____’s accommodations of (insert any accommodations implemented) served her well this school year. These changes along with one-on-one weekly learning support attributed greatly to her academic success.
  • It has been a pleasure to have _____ in my class, and I wish her continued success.
  • According to the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), ______ is now reading at level ______ . This means she has progressed extremely well in reading comprehension. I am confident her reading skills will continue to blossom in (insert grade level).
  • X had a wonderful year. She has grown in so many ways academically; her progress is incredible.
  • It’s been delightful to teach _____. His/her dedication, motivation, and effort will give him/her continued success in (insert grade level).
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  • Compared to the beginning of the year, _____ is more confident in his work. This makes me so proud. Good luck to _____ at his new school.
  • This school year, _____ mastered (insert any specific skill). He or she has done a job well-done reaching those grade-level objectives.
  • I’m especially impressed with _____ steady progress in (insert any skill/strategy). Next year, I firmly believe that he or she will continue to improve significantly.
  • I’m excited to see all the amazing work _____ will continue to produce in (insert grade level).
  • This school year, _____ progressed well in (insert any subject/skill). 
  • I look forward to hearing about the great work that _____ will experience in (insert grade level). I wish him the best of luck.
  • I will miss _____’s laughter and kind spirit.
  • According to the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Benchmark, _______ currently reads at an “Independent Level”. This means that grade level books are “just right” for her. This is a huge improvement from the beginning of the year when she was reading at a “Frustrational Level”. Awesome progress!  With continued accommodations in reading, ____ will rise to grade level expectations next year. I wish her the very best!
  • According to Fountas and Pinnell, _______ now reads at an “Instructional Level”. This means that grade level books are challenging but manageable for him/her.  Please continue to reinforce (insert any reading skill or strategy).
  • I am confident that _____ will keep up the good work in (insert grade level). I wish her all the best!
  • It has been a pleasure to teach _____; her persistence and work ethic have been well-noted.
  • I’m proud of _____, and it has been a pleasure to teach him. I wish him all the best in (insert grade level).

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