51 Elementary Teacher Interview Questions That Get Results

Stepping into an interview room can often be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes to landing that dream job as an elementary teacher. 

That’s why you must go into the interview prepared.

That way, you’ll be ready to answer any elementary teacher interview questions with confidence.

As an educator, you hold the power to guide students, pique their curiosity about the world, and instill a love for learning. 

However, acing an interview requires more than just a passion for teaching. 

It demands preparation, confidence, and the ability to respond thoughtfully to elementary education interview questions posed by interviewers.

Whether you’re a recent graduate just starting out on your teaching journey or a seasoned teacher looking for new opportunities, this list of interview questions for elementary teachers is just what you need to get started. 

We have collected a good list of interview questions that will equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to stand out among other candidates and secure the position.

After practicing these questions along with potential responses, you’ll be ready to showcase your expertise, experiences, and dedication to those interviewing you.

Elementary Teacher Interview Questions

  • What makes you interested in this school?
  • How would you handle a situation where a student is struggling academically or emotionally?
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
  • How do you promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your teaching?
  • What strategies do you use to effectively manage a classroom?
  • How would you describe your teaching philosophy?
  • What does teaching and learning look like in your classroom?
  • How do you assess student progress over time?
  • What does a typical lesson plan look like for you?

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  • How do you differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of students in your classroom?
  • What subject do you prefer to teach and why?
  • How do you stay updated with the latest research and best practices in elementary education?
  • In what ways do you accommodate the academic needs of English-language learners?
  • How do you use technology to maximize the teaching and learning process?
  • What strategies do you use to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment?
  • Describe your reader’s workshop block.
  • What does a typical math lesson look like in your classroom?
  • How do you deal with students who rush through their work?
  • Would you provide an example of how you track student progress?
  • Can you discuss a time when you had to work with a challenging student or parent and how you resolved the situation?
  • What are your professional goals for the next five years?
  • How do you handle classroom management and behavior issues?
  • What do you do when students have a hard time understanding the lesson?
  • How do you communicate and collaborate with parents to support student learning?
  • In what ways do you make learning fun?
  • What steps do you take to create a culturally responsive classroom?
  • How do you engage students?
  • What strategies can be employed to engage parents or establish a strong connection with them?
  • How do you deal with parents who are not involved or too involved?
  • How do you incorporate hands-on learning experiences into your lessons?
  • Which elementary grade levels do you prefer to teach and why?
  • How do you include parents?
  • Can you describe the typical structure and components of a literacy lesson in your classroom?
  • In what ways do you integrate literacy into other subjects?
  • How do you promote and support the development of social-emotional skills in your students?
  • What do you do with early finishers?
  • Would you share some information about your professional journey and key accomplishments?
  • How do you address students with special educational needs?
  • In what ways do you promote a growth mindset and encourage students to embrace challenges and learn from mistakes?
  • How do you assess and provide feedback on student work to promote growth and achievement?
  • In the case of a student lagging behind their classmates, what steps do you take?
  • How do you keep students motivated in the learning process?
  • What is an example of a project-based learning activity that you have implemented in your classroom?
  • How do you promote collaboration and cooperative learning among students?
  • If I spent a day in your classroom, what would I experience?
  • In what ways do you teach good study habits and study skills to elementary students?
  • What strength will you bring to the school community?
  • Which types of informal assessments do you use throughout the school year to track student progress?
  • How do you encourage students to become independent thinkers and learners?
  • What questions do you have that we may be able to answer?

Final Thoughts On Elementary School Teacher Interview Questions

Adequately preparing for an elementary teacher interview is the key to landing that teaching position.

By familiarizing yourself with these common interview questions for elementary teachers and crafting thoughtful responses, you demonstrate your love for teaching, knowledge of pedagogy, and ability to connect with students.

With thorough preparation and confidence, you’ll successfully prove yourself as an exceptional candidate for the elementary teaching position.

Sending you all the best!