61 Delightful Easter Writing Prompts Students Love

Celebrate the Easter bunny, chocolate, eggs, Jesus, and all things Easter-related using these fun Easter writing prompts for students.

In addition to incorporating the spirit of Easter into your lessons, these prompts reduce writer’s block, sharpen writing skills, instill a love for writing, and encourage students to express their ideas.

That’s why they make a great addition to your collection of writing prompts.

So pencil into your upcoming instruction a couple of these free Easter writing prompts.

Easter Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers enjoy responding to these creative writing prompts about Easter.

1. Write a story that centers around the following words and phrases: flowers, pastel colors, Easter, dyed eggs, chocolate bunny

2. Give detailed instructions on how to decorate an Easter egg.

3. Write a letter convincing your friends to participate in the annual Easter egg hunt.

4. Explain how to win an Easter egg decorating contest. 

5. Write about a typical day from the perspective of an Easter egg.

6. List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter) that you can create using the letters from the word Easter. 

7. Describe an Easter egg hunt to a child who has never participated in one. 

8. You have just finished decorating a batch of delicious Easter cookies. As you place sprinkles on top, one of the cookies jumps up and starts to run! Finish the story.

9. E.A.S.T.E.R – Create an acrostic poem using the word. 

10. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to relax without using electronic devices during Spring Break vacation.

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11. Explain how to decorate and fill an Easter basket with goodies.

12. Instead of eggs, you can replace the contents within your Easter basket with any treats you want. What type of treats would you fill your Easter basket with and why?

13. Write any story you would like about Easter.

14. What are the benefits of responding to Easter writing prompts?

15. Describe the three best things about Easter.  

Easter writing prompts
Writing prompts about Easter

16. The goal is to drop an egg on the floor without it breaking. What specific strategies might you try to keep the egg from breaking?  

17. You own a pet bunny that has gone missing! Draft a “Bunny Lost” advertisement describing what it looks like.

18. Write 10 words related to Easter or spring. Then compose a poem that includes these terms.

19. Create any piece of writing you’d like about Easter.

20. Explain the Resurrection to someone who is not knowledgeable about it.

21. Come up with a social media hashtag for Easter. What ideas, events, and/or activities will your hashtag be known for?

22. Describe the sacrifice Jesus made for humanity.

23. Draft a biography about the Easter Bunny.

24. You are in charge of designing a new Easter basket for the annual Easter egg hunt. Describe the basket you will design.

25. If you could interview the Easter bunny, what questions would you ask and why?

26. Draft a tale about a day in the life of the Easter Bunny. 

27. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a bunny.

28. Compare and contrast the Easter Bunny to another holiday iconic figure.

29. Sketch an Easter bunny. Then describe it.

30. The Easter Bunny is going to spend a day with you at school! Write about this fun day.

31. Write a story about a chocolate bunny that comes to life when unwrapped.

32. Summarize the history of Easter.

33. Explain the advantages of fasting during Lent.

34. Describe any Easter traditions your family recognizes.

35. Tell how to win first place in an Easter door-decorating contest.

36. Which is more important…Easter or Christmas? Explain.

37. For Spring Break, would you rather go on a vacation or have a staycation? Explain your choice.

38. If you were going to give an Easter basket to your teacher, what goodies would you put in it and why?

39. To me, Easter means…

40. Share what it’s like in church during an Easter Sunday.

41. Give a strategy for hiding Easter eggs so that seekers don’t find them easily.

42. Write a haiku about a topic related to Easter.

43. Without telling its name, describe your favorite Easter candy.

44. Draft a story about a family that dyes Easter eggs on a weekend afternoon.

45. Write an Easter greeting card with a humorous and/or Christian message.

46. Retell your favorite Easter memory.

47. Explain the importance of the Easter holiday.

48. How would you describe pastel colors?

49. Write a poem about Easter.

50. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an Easter egg.

51. Design a bumper sticker to advertise the Easter holiday.

52. Summarize a good book that you read this spring or last spring.

53. Compare and contrast spring and fall.

54. In your opinion, is the Easter holiday too commercial? Why or why not?

55. Write a story about a chocolate bunny that takes an adventure with an Easter egg.

56. Describe an outfit perfect for Easter day.

57. If you were in charge of an Easter brunch, describe the foods you would serve and explain why.

58. Give instructions for how to make an Easter arts and crafts project.

59. Compose a rhyming poem about Easter.

60. Tell how and when pastel colors are used in comparison to primary colors.

61. Write clues for an Easter scavenger hunt around the school or your home.

Final Thoughts: Writing Prompts About Easter

Now you have a treasure trove of exciting Easter writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

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