17 Delightful Easter Treats for Students

Easter is a time of year that resonates with students of all ages.

Because the season represents new beginnings, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat students with a selection of sweet treats and practical gifts that will capture the essence of the holiday.

We’re sharing the best Easter treats for students which you may also use as Easter gift ideas for students.

Here you will find a delightful array of options that will please a variety of student tastes and interests.

Great ready to make this holiday even more special for students by sharing with them these fun, thoughtful, and creative Easter treats and gifts.

Easter Treats for Students

These treats and Easter gift ideas for students include edible and non-food options.

1. Easter Egg Hunt Kit

An Easter Egg Hunt Kit is a package that includes all the essentials for a fun and engaging Easter egg hunt.

It typically contains colorful plastic eggs, decorative stickers, and even small toys or treats to hide within the eggs.

2. Chocolate Bunny Pops

These tasty Easter treats for students involve molding chocolate into the shape of bunny figures attached to lollipop sticks.

The pops can be made using milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Use decorations such as sprinkles, edible glitter, or icing to add more flair to the bunnies’ appearance.

3. Easter-Themed Cookies

Easter cookies are treats shaped into bunnies, eggs, chicks, and flowers. Decorate them with pastel-colored icing, edible pearls, and cute designs.

Baking and decorating these cookies with students can be a fun activity.

4. Cotton Candy

Available in a variety of colors and flavors, Cotton candy is a light and airy treat that students will absolutely enjoy.

Consider packaging the cotton candy in Easter-themed bags or containers to make it extra special.

5. Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Prepare individual Easter bunny cupcakes and decorate them to look like bunny faces.

This can be done with frosting shaped into bunny faces, complete with marshmallow ears and chocolate chip eyes.

Add sprinkles or colored sugars if you wish.

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6. Fruit Carrots

Fruit carrots are a healthy and playful Easter treat option.

Create these snacks by placing orange-dyed strawberries or clementines into cone-shaped treat bags, mimicking the appearance of carrots.

The green tops of the strawberries or clementines will serve as the carrot tops.

Fruit carrots provide a refreshing alternative to sugary treats, offering a balance between indulgence and nutrition.

7. Easter-Themed Trail Mix

Combine sweet and savory ingredients for a delicious and energy-boosting Easter-themed trail mix snack.

Think chocolate eggs, pastel-colored candies, dried fruits, and cereal. Customize the mix to suit students’ preferences and dietary restrictions.

8. Easter-Themed Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers are a creative way to infuse Easter fun into everyday school supplies, bringing a touch of holiday spirit into students’ learning.

9. Cascarones

Cascarones are colorful, decorated eggs filled with confetti or small toys.

The tradition involves cracking the cascarones over someone’s head, releasing the confetti and creating a fun and lively atmosphere.

Gift each student one or two cascarones. Package them in a cute Easter treat bag with a few other sweet goodies.

You may even want to add a few cascarones to your class Easter egg hunt or Easter classroom party since they add an element of surprise and fun to celebrations.

10. Easter-Themed Bookmarks

Bookmarks are practical and delightful treats for students who enjoy reading.

If you choose to make your own for students, design them with colorful illustrations of bunnies, eggs, flowers, or other Easter symbols.

11. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a savory and flavorful Easter treat made from halved hard-boiled eggs, and students will actually eat them.

Simply scoop out the yolks, mix them with seasonings, mayo, mustard, and other ingredients, and then put them back into the egg whites.

Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika.

These protein-packed delights are a classic addition to any Easter school gathering.

12. Easter Bunny Tail Popcorn

This delicious snack combines the crunch of popcorn with a sweet and colorful twist.

Coat popcorn with melted white chocolate or candy melts and then mix with pastel-colored candies or marshmallows to resemble fluffy bunny tails.

13. Easter-Themed Stickers

Stickers are fun and interactive treats that students can enjoy long after the Easter holiday has passed.

Gift stickers that feature images of bunnies, chicks, eggs, and other Easter motifs.

Including a sheet of these stickers in your assortment of Easter gift ideas for students allows them to personalize their belongings and celebrate the holiday in a creative manner.

14. DIY Plant Kits

DIY Plant Kits offer students a hands-on and educational treat option.

Opt for plants that symbolize new beginnings and growth, aligning with the spirit of Easter.

Not only are these kits enjoyable for students, but they also encourage them to cultivate green thumbs.

15. Easter Egg Decorating Kits

For non-edible Easter treats for students, here’s an idea.

Encourage students to explore their artistic side by transforming plain eggs into colorful masterpieces.

Easter Egg Decorating Kits provide all the materials necessary for students to engage in this time-honored tradition of decorating eggs.

16. Spring Flower Seed Packets

Seed packets are thoughtful and eco-friendly Easter treats that encourage students to embrace the beauty of the season.

You can easily find a variety of options at your local grocery store or nursery.

This treat not only brings joy but also nurtures a connection to nature.

17. Easter Bunny Ears Headbands

Gift students a set of Easter bunny ear headbands that they can wear to get into the Easter spirit.

Providing these headbands as treats adds a touch of festive fun to any Easter-themed event or celebration, allowing students to embrace their inner bunnies.

Final Thoughts On Easter Treats for Students

Easter is a time of new beginnings.

To celebrate the reason for the season, gift students a small treat or gift.

These Easter treats for students offer a wonderful blend of creativity, deliciousness, and holiday spirit that will surely make any Easter celebration or event memorable for students of all ages.