41 Fun Dinosaur Writing Prompts Even Reluctant Writers Enjoy

Include these fun dinosaur writing prompts as part of your dinosaur unit.

Not only do these prompts reduce writer’s block, they instill a love for writing, spark imagination, and improve writing skills.

Even your most reluctant writers will move their pencils to these super fun writing prompts about dinosaurs.

So incorporate a few of these delightful dinosaur writing prompts into your writer’s workshop lesson plans this week.

Dinosaur Writing Prompts

1. Write 10 words related to dinosaurs. Then compose a poem that centers around those words.

2. If dinosaurs were alive today, how would human life be different?

3. Based on what you know about the time of the dinosaurs, how do you think humans stayed safe during that time? What were their survival techniques?

4. Draft a story about how you think dinosaurs became extinct.

5. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a dinosaur.

6. What would it be like to have a pet dinosaur?

7. Write a short story about a friendly, underwater dinosaur who befriends a shy mermaid.

8. Compare and contrast a crocodile and a dinosaur.

9. Describe your favorite dinosaur. Why is it your favorite?

10. Imagine that you have a friendly dinosaur pal who will spend the day with you at school. Tell what challenges and adventures you two will face during the day.

11. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a dinosaur who actually lived during the era of dinosaurs.

12. Brainstorm a social media hashtag for dinosaurs. For what ideas, adventures, and activities will your hashtag be known?

13. D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R – Create an acrostic poem using the word dinosaur. 

14. If you were a dinosaur, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

15. Oh no! Your beloved dinosaur pet has gone missing! Write a descriptive “Missing Dinosaur” ad flyer to post around your neighborhood.

16. You’re roaming in the forest. All of a sudden, a dinosaur appears…

17. Write a new scene for your favorite book, movie, or TV show. The difference is that now the main character is a dinosaur.

18. The dinosaurs are back, and they’re roaming your streets! What happens next?

19. Brainstorm all the 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, and 7-letter words that you can think of using the letters from the word dinosaur.

20. Write a letter persuading your parents to take you to the new dinosaur museum next weekend.

21. Compose a short story about a baby dinosaur.

22. A dinosaur looks like…

23. As you’re hiking through the desert with your best friend, you two come across a huge dinosaur fossil. Finish the story.

24. Sketch a fossil. Now write two paragraphs describing your creation. 

25. As you’re scuba diving with your family, you discover an underwater cave filled with ancient dinosaur fossils. Write about what happens next.

26. Explain how fossils help scientists understand the past.

27. Create any story you’d like about a special fossil.

28. F.O.S.S.I.L – Create an acrostic poem using the word fossil. 

29. Explain how you would make a fossil model using arts and crafts.

30. Imagine that scientists have just discovered a new dinosaur fossil in Peru. You have been asked to be part of the naming committee. What will you name the fossil? How will you get the word out to the public about this new discovery?

31. One day while playing in your backyard, you find a tiny fossil. After doing some research on the land upon which your home is built, you discover…

32. Write a short story about a group of kids going on a fossil scavenger hunt. What interesting things do they find?

33. What are the benefits of responding to writing prompts about dinosaurs?

34. If dinosaurs went to school, what would their classrooms look like?

35. Provide examples and non-examples of reptiles.

36. Summarize a book with a dinosaur character or theme that you read recently.

37. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a dinosaur on the hunt for food.

38. From the viewpoint of humans, what do you think were the pros and cons of existing with dinosaurs?

39. Write a grocery list for a dinosaur.

40. Design a bumper sticker to advertise a dinosaur fossil museum.

41. What do you imagine is a dinosaur’s favorite way to spend a rainy day and way?

Final Thoughts

Now you have a ready-supply of dinosaur writing prompts to use during writer’s workshop.

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