10 Fun Dinosaur Writing Activities

If you’re teaching a dinosaur unit, why not include a few of these fun dinosaur writing activities?

Not only do these dinosaur writing activities deepen students’ knowledge about dinosaurs, but they improve writing skills and prompt students to learn more about these historic creatures.

Even students who dislike writing will find the motivation to partake in these fun writing activities.

Here you will find the best writing activities about dinosaurs. Be sure to add a few of these activities to your Writers Workshop lesson plans. 

Dinosaur Writing Activities

1. Sketch and Label a Dinosaur.

This first dinosaur activity reinforces the importance of nonfiction text features.

Students will sketch a drawing of their favorite dinosaur. Then they will label the parts of that dinosaur.

Afterward, they will write a summary about their drawing, telling the characteristics of the dinosaur and also explaining how the labels aid understanding.

2. Brainstorm Dinosaur Vocabulary Using a Word Splash.

This dinosaur writing activity widens vocabulary as it relates to dinosaurs.

Provide students with a Word Splash graphic organizer. Then in pairs, individually, or as a whole class, students will brainstorm as many words as possible connected to dinosaurs.

They will note these words on their graphic organizer. Afterward, they will write a story or a series of sentences using some of the words.

3. Create a Dinosaurs Reader’s Theater Script.

Reader’s theater scripts are not just great for improving reading comprehension.

Students will compose a short reader’s theater play that teaches about dinosaurs.

For younger students, it will be a two-character play. For other students, consider having up to six characters.

It might be helpful to read a few reader’s theater scripts before students create their own.

When scripts are completed, they can be used as literacy centers and/or presented to peers.

dinosaur writing activities
dinosaur writing activities

4. Compare and Contrast Two Dinosaurs.

Students will compare and contrast the physical features plus other characteristics of dinosaurs.

They may record this information on a Venn Diagram or write it in paragraph-form within their writing notebooks.

5. Write a Dinosaur Story.

Students will write a story where the main character is a dinosaur.

6. Describe a Dinosaur.

Students will choose their favorite dinosaur and describe it in as much detail as possible.

Encourage students to use clear, precise words that will help the reader visualize that particular dinosaur without actually naming it.

7. Do a Dinosaur Research Project.

These dinosaur writing activities would not be complete without a research activity.

A dinosaur unit is a perfect time to introduce or review research skills.

Provide students with a research graphic organizer, assign them a dinosaur (or have them choose their own), and then require them to research facts about the dinosaur.

As an extension, you could have students write opinions about their dinosaurs based on the facts they learned.

8. Design a Dinosaur Word Search. 

For this creative dinosaur writing activity, students will create a word search.

It might be helpful to do this activity as a whole group first using another topic before asking students to create their own.

First, students will brainstorm as many words as possible related to dinosaurs.

Then students will choose between 10 to 15 of the words to place in their word search. They’ll write the words either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Next, they fill in the rest of the squares with random letters.

Download a Word Search template here.

9. Write a Persuasive Letter.

Students will write a letter to their parents convincing them to let them have a pet dinosaur.

Encourage students to use persuasive language so that it will be hard for their parents to say no. 

10. Make a Dinosaur Diorama.

If you’re looking to integrate arts and crafts with your dinosaur writing activities, this activity is for you.

Students will construct a diorama (3-D scene) that represents an important or favorite scene from a dinosaur book.

They may use whatever materials they want, but the scene must look realistic.

In addition to creating the diorama, students must complete a written summary of their dinosaur book. 

Final Thoughts: Dinosaur Writing Activities

Using these fun writing activities about dinosaurs, students will learn about these mysterious creatures in an engaging way that integrates reading, writing, and art.

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