61 Great Descriptive Writing Prompts

Motivate students to elaborate their thoughts with descriptive language using these engaging descriptive writing prompts.

Being able to “show and not tell” when writing is an art. 

These descriptive writing prompts help to develop the skill of “show and not only tell” by encouraging students to expand their ideas plus elaborate on details so that readers visualize what they are saying. 

So starting this week, pencil into your lesson plans a few of these fun student-approved descriptive writing prompts.

Descriptive Writing Prompts


1. Describe the funniest person in your family.

2. Describe your favorite teacher.

3. Describe the characteristics of a best friend.

4. Write a descriptive paragraph about a famous person you admire. 

5. Describe someone who is kind.

6. Describe the player who is the most talented member of your favorite sport.

7. Describe a person who makes you jealous.

8. Describe yourself. What are your special qualities?

9. Use descriptive words to tell about the most interesting character from a book you recently read. 

10. Describe a usual Saturday for you and your family.

11. Describe the personality of your mom or another female relative you love a lot. 

12. How would you describe the citizens of your country or state?

13. Describe the person who has had the greatest impact in your life.


1. Describe the personality of your pet. 

2. Describe the differences between mammals and amphibians. 

3. Write a descriptive paragraph about an elephant.

4. Describe what makes cats and dogs so loveable. 

5. Write a descriptive paragraph about a giraffe.

6. Describe which animals make great pets for children. 

7. Use descriptive words to describe a mosquito.

8. Describe your favorite stuffed animal. 

9. Describe a spider’s web.


1. Describe a haunted house.

2. Describe Sunday church service.

3. Write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite restaurant. 

4. Describe the coziest place in your home.

5. Describe a beautiful beach you have visited.

6. Describe what a big city looks and feels like.

7. Tell about a place that you would absolutely love to visit one day.

8. Describe a place where you feel protected and safe. 

9. Describe the zoo.

10. Describe your backyard. 


1. Describe the experience of shopping during a busy holiday season.

2. Describe losing your first tooth.

3. How would you describe an Easter egg hunt to a child who has never participated in one?

4. Describe the experience of learning how to ride a bike.

5. Describe a special field trip.

6. Write a descriptive paragraph about visiting the supermarket.

7. Describe the best Christmas morning ever.

8. Describe the best birthday you have ever had.

9. Write about taking a scary (but fun!) ride at an amusement park.

10. Describe the experience of swimming in the ocean.

11. Describe what it is like playing a competitive game with friends or family.

12. Describe how to plan a party.


1. Describe your favorite arts and crafts project.

2. Describe a science experiment you did this year.

3. Describe your favorite outfit. What makes it so nice to wear?

4. How would you describe a pencil to someone who cannot see?

5. Write a descriptive paragraph about a car.

6. Describe the best present you have ever received. 

7. Describe your backpack. What makes it unique or special?

8. Describe your favorite dessert. What is the one ingredient that makes it so tasty?

9. Describe snow using your five senses.

10. Use descriptive language to tell about a prized possession that you cannot see yourself living without. 

11. Describe your country’s flag. What makes it unique?


1. Describe music to someone who cannot hear.

2. Describe the feeling of playing in the rain. 

3. Use descriptive vocabulary to explain what it feels like to be angry.

4. Describe the feeling of playing your favorite outdoor game with friends.

5. Write a descriptive paragraph about love.

6. Describe a gloomy day. 

7. Use descriptive words to explain disappointment. 

8. What words would you use to describe happiness? Write a descriptive paragraph using all the terms. 

9. Describe a sad moment in your life. 

10. Describe your favorite season. How does this time of year make you feel? What activities do you enjoy participating in during this season?

Final Thoughts

For support, teach students how to respond well to descriptive writing prompts.

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