29 Delightful December Writing Prompts for Students

Celebrate the last month of the year with these fun December writing prompts.

Not only do these December writing prompts prevent writer’s block, they spark the imagination, improve writing skills, instill a love for writing, and help students express their thoughts.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a couple of these exciting December writing prompts.

December Writing Prompts

First Grade December Writing Prompts

  • Describe in detail a candy cane. Use your 5 senses (hear, sight, touch, taste, smell) to help you.
  • Pretend that you are a snowman. What requests would you have on your Christmas list and why?
  • Draw a snowman. Then write a paragraph describing your unique creation.
  • Someone is knocking on your front door. You answer and standing there is a sad Rudolph with his nose blinking off and on. Complete the rest of the story.
  • Retell your favorite Disney movie with one change: the prince is an elf.
  • Write about the best gift you’ve ever received.

Second Grade Prompts

  • You just finished putting icing on your Christmas cookies. All of a sudden, one of the cookies begins to speak! Continue the story.
  • Pretend that you have an elf friend that will spend one day with you at school. Write a story about this fun-filled day.
  • Describe at least 3 activities that are best performed in cold weather.
  • Retell a memorable vacation or visit that you and your family took during the month of December. Provide lots of details.
  • Your grade level is having a December-themed door-decorating contest. Describe what things you and your classmates will do in order to win.
  • Using your 5 senses, describe snow.

Third Grade Prompts

  • Write at least 2 to 3 paragraphs comparing and contrasting an elf to 2 other holiday iconic figures (e.g Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, gingerbread man, Jesus, Christmas tree, etc.). Provide clear details.
  • Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus met long ago. Write a story about how they first met and why they decided to start sending gifts to kids around the world.
  • Describe the best Christmas party you’ve ever attended.
  • Setting: North Pole, Characters: elves, Santa, reindeer, Problem/Plot: ?, Solution: ? – You’ve been given the setting and characters. Complete the story, providing a problem along with the solution. Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like.
  • What are some December traditions that you and your family do each year? Share at least 2 of them in detail.
  • It’s December, the end of the year. Write about two personal or academic goals that you’d like to accomplish in the new year.

Fourth Grade December Writing Prompts

  • You’re a reporter and will have the chance to interview Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Write a script with a list of questions you’ll ask him along with his responses. If you need, use the 5 Ws + H (Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?) to help generate questions. Be as imaginative and creative as you’d like.
  • Setting: Chimney, Characters: Santa Claus, your family, Problem/Plot: ?, Solution: ? – You’ve been provided the setting and characters. Now complete the story, giving a problem along with the solution.
  • In two to three paragraphs, describe your family’s favorite holiday traditions.
  • In a few days, you will send out December-themed holiday cards to your family and friends. Write a kind message that shows appreciation for their love and/or friendship.

Fifth Grade December Writing Prompts

  • Compare and contrast two iconic December figures. Examples include the Grinch, an elf, an angel, Santa, Jesus, Rudolph, Christmas tree, etc.
  • You are an author for a children’s publishing company and want to write a biography about Santa Claus. Draft his biography, and include the following information: birth date, place of birth, family information, childhood experiences, hobbies, significant achievements, challenges overcome in life, etc. Be as creative as you’d like.
  • Design a Christmas card with an elves or reindeer theme.
  • Imagine everyone in your city had to ride a sleigh instead of drive a car. In at least 2 paragraphs, describe how transportation would be different and the same.
  • Wild Card Prompt: Create any story or piece of writing you’d like about something related to the month of December. Your writing piece can be poetry, fantasy, mystery, a comedy, tall tale, comic, persuasive, informational, etc. Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like.
  • Your favorite restaurant has a special December menu for the holidays. Describe what breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert items are on the menu.
  • Write three December writing prompts you think your teacher might like.
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