51 Creative Writing Topics for 4th Grade Students

Here you will find a quality collection of creative writing topics for 4th grade students.

Not only do these fourth-grade creative writing topics reduce writer’s block, but they also encourage students to stretch their imaginations, improve writing skills, and express ideas.

Writer’s workshop just became a bit more exciting!

So add a handful of these creative writing topics for 4th grade into your upcoming lessons.

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Creative Writing Topics for 4th Grade Students

Following you will find a variety of creative writing topics for 4th grade students that motivate even reluctant writers.

1. Write a creative story about a magic backpack.

2. Describe a typical day in the life of your shoe.

3. Your teacher suddenly starts flying. Finish the story.

4. The headline reads, “Lost Cat Found Alive Under Hidden Tunnel!” Write the news story.

5. Write a creative story using characters from your favorite movie or book.

6. You have been assigned teacher for the day. Describe what fun activities you’ll do with students.

7. One day while at recess, a spaceship lands on the playground. Complete the story.

8. A magic fairy will transform you into any animal that you want. Choose an animal, and tell what you will do on your special day. 

9. For one day, you are an apple. Describe your typical day.

10. Write a story about the challenges of living with bunny ears.

11. Rewrite the ending to your favorite read-aloud.

12. A sunflower in your backyard grows so tall that it reaches the sky. Write about what happens when you climb to the top.

13. Write a recipe for being a good friend.

14. One night, your bedroom furniture begins to talk. Create a story about what happens.

15. Write a story about a tree that you found in your backyard that has dollar bills instead of leaves.

16. Invent a new board game, and explain how to play it.

17. Write a creative story that is about at least three of these five words: grocery store, rotten, aisle, tired, fruit

18. The answer is “Easter Sunday”. Create five different questions.

creative writing topics for 4th grade
creative writing topics for 4th grade

19. Oh no! You’re trapped inside your favorite video game. Describe what happens.

20. You’re roaming in the forest. All of a sudden, a dinosaur appears…

21. If there was no gravity, what kinds of activities would you do for fun?

22. There’s a kite-flying competition coming up soon in your local community. Describe your perfect kite.

23. List 10 words related to the ocean. Then compose a poem that includes these words.

24. As you are making your bed, the covers turn into a waterfall. Tell what happens next.

25. Explain how to eat a fried worm.

26. Write a story from the perspective of a rabbit who escaped from its cage.

27. Draft a script about a group of children going into space.

28. Write a combination of similes plus metaphors to describe an elephant.

29. As you lay your head onto your pillow at bedtime, you hear your pillow say, “Ouch!”. Write what happens next.

30. F.O.U.R.T.H G.R.A.D.E – Create an acrostic poem using the phrase fourth grade. 

31. Imagine you discover a hidden tunnel where you decide to stash all of your favorite possessions. What objects will you place there and why?

32. List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter, 8-letter, and 9-letter) that you can make using the letters from the word auditorium.

33. You walk outside and see that it’s raining popcorn. Write what happens next.

34. If you could pick any emoji to represent your personality, which would you choose and why? Sketch it.

35. Describe the color green to someone who cannot see.

36. If you could combine any three ocean animals to make a new creature, what would the new creature be? Describe and name it.

37. Write a story about a superhero who teaches kids how to be super readers.

38. If you had the ability to read people’s minds for a day, how would you use this superpower to your advantage?

39. Create any creative story about fourth grade.

40. Make up a story about a character who can control water and air.

41. You wake up one morning and realize that your fingers have turned into spaghetti noodles! Write about your day.

42. Write a story from the perspective of a dog that grew up with talking elephants.

43. Create a new emoji that shows a feeling that is hard to express in words. Describe your emoji, and then sketch it.

44. Write a creative story that ends in the same place as it began.

45. “Get ready!” mom shouted, “We can’t be late for…”. Finish the story.

46. No one thought this would happen. We were just singing songs on the playground when…

47. Write a story about a young woman that succeeds in climbing a mountain.

48. Imagine you are a mermaid who grows legs and comes ashore for a day. Write about your adventures.

49. It was my turn. I couldn’t let everyone down. It was time to…

50. Write a story about a child who gets lost in the woods.

51. It was the end of an era. Everyone said goodbye to…

Final Thoughts: Creative Writing Topics for 4th Grade

Now you have an assortment of creative writing topics for 4th grade to share with learners during writer’s workshop.