Creative Writing Topics for 5th Grade: 53 Terrific Ideas

Here you will find a ready-supply of creative writing topics for 5th grade students.

Not only do these creative writing topics for 5th grade reduce writer’s block, they encourage students to improve their writing, express their thoughts, explore creativity plus stretch their imaginations.

Writer’s workshop just became a bit more exciting!

So add a few of these creative writing topics for 5th grade into your instruction this week.

Creative Writing Topics for 5th Grade Students

Even reluctant writers enjoy responding to these creative writing topics for 5th grade.

1. Rewrite the ending to your favorite book.

2. If you traveled to space, what things would you like to see there, how long would you stay, and what activities would you be excited to try?

3. Describe a typical day in the life of a remote control.

4. Imagine that you have been gifted a time machine. Write a story about going back or forward in time at least 100 years.

5. Invent a new ice cream flavor. Describe it so that the reader can imagine what it’s like.

6. For 24 hours, you are transformed into a video game. Describe what your day is like.

7. The headline reads, “Man Finds Fossils In Backyard!”. Write the news story.

8. For one hour, you have the ability to fly. Describe in detail what adventures you will have during this time.

9. Write about a time when your parents scolded you.

10. If you could open your own restaurant, what kind of restaurant would it be? Using the 5Ws + H, describe your restaurant.

11. You are teacher for the day. Share details about your challenging or fun day.

12. As you’re walking to recess, you notice a secret door next to the principal’s office. You go in. Write a story about your adventure.

13. Make-up a new outdoor game, and explain how to play it.

14. At night, once everyone is asleep, the appliances in your kitchen start talking. Write a humorous story about what happens.  

15. Write a recipe for having success on standardized tests.

16. Rewrite the story of the gingerbread man but from the point of view of the wolf.

17. Mom bought you a new pair of sandals, and they’re magical! Whenever you slip into them, you get taken to another land! Write about one of your exciting adventures.

18. The answer is “Christmas Day”. Write six different questions.

19. List 10 words related to space. Then compose a poem that includes the words.

20. Write a creative story that focuses on at least three of the five words: auditorium, lost, curtains, hidden, singing

21. If you lived on the moon, what types of activities would you do? Give details.

22. The challenge is to drop an egg on the floor without it breaking. What strategies might you try to keep the egg from breaking?

23. Explain to your best friend how to win a hot-dog-eating contest.

24. You arrive home to find an alien sleeping in your bed. Write a story about what happens next. 

25. Write a story about a day in the life of an ant.

26. If a soccer, football, or basketball could talk, what would it tell you about it’s life? Be specific and as creative as you’d like. 

More Creative Writing Topics for 5th Grade

Consider using creative writing topics for 5th grade as bell work or homework.

27. Create a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a lion. See examples of kid-friendly metaphors and examples of kid-friendly similes.

28. If you could put together a variation of any three words to create a new term, what would your new word be? What is its meaning?  

29. You will interview the owner of a local animal shelter. Write a script with a list of questions you’ll ask him along with his responses. If you need, use the 5 Ws + H to help generate questions.

30. Pretend that you discover a secret cave where you decide to build a new community. What rules will you establish to maintain law and order?

31. F.I.F.T.H G.R.A.D.E – Create an acrostic poem using the phrase fifth grade. 

32. Describe the color red to a person who cannot see.

33. List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter, 8-letter, 9-letter, 10-letter, and 11-letter) that you can using the letters from the word hippopotamus. 

34. If you were invisible for a day, what sneaky things would you do?

35. Write a creative story about a superhero who teaches seventh graders how to pass all tests without ever studying.

36. As you are walking outside, it begins raining cereal with milk. Write about what happens next.

37. If you could choose any emoji to represent how you are feeling today, which would you select and why?

38. Write a creative story about an astronaut who walks on Mars.

39. Grandma always told me to be careful what I wished for. But I never thought it would end like this… Finish the story.

40. Come up with five creative writing topics for 5th grade students that you think your teacher may like.

41. Write a creative story about a dragon who seeks to destroy the world.

42. Quietly, David crept downstairs toward the rustling around the Christmas tree. Peeking around the door at the end of the stairs, he glimpsed a flash of red and white. With a shock, he realized it was Santa Claus! He let out a squeal of excitement causing Santa to whip his head around … What happens next?

43. Write a story from the perspective of somebody who has landed in their favorite video game and can’t get out.

44. If you had a time machine that could only work once, what point in the past or future would you visit? Why?

45. Write a creative story about someone who travels 150 years into the future.

46. All Ben could hear were the footsteps behind him. He turned around and was faced with… Complete the story.

47. Write a story about someone going on an adventure. Start and finish it with the same sentence.

48. Draft a story about a character who has just discovered she can read people’s minds.

49. Write a creative story from the perspective of a duck that grew up with flying cows.

50. What if your shadow became a real person? Describe some of the fun things you two would do.

51. Wild Card Prompt: Write any creative story you would like about fifth grade. Your writing piece can be a comedy, mystery, fantasy, tall tale, poetry, comic, persuasive, informative, etc.

52. Describe music but only using colors. What colors do you choose and why?

53. As you’re responding to one of the creative writing topics for 5th grade, your pen/pencil starts to whirl around uncontrollably. Write about what happens next.

Now you have an assortment of creative writing topics for 5th grade that you can use during writer’s workshop.

These creative writing topics for 5th grade also fit well as early finisher activities.

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