251 Helpful Copy and Paste Report Card Comments

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Copy and Paste Report Card Comments


  1. Excels at reading for their grade level.
  2. Possesses exceptional reading comprehension and decoding skills.
  3. Enjoys independent reading. Encourage further reading to maintain this interest.
  4. Frequently chooses books that are beyond the current grade level, showing a high level of reading comprehension for this age.
  5. Reads at a grade level above her peers.
  6. Applies the reading strategies taught in class to better understand the text.
  7. Frequently volunteers to read aloud.
  8. Great reading comprehension skills. Easily picks up on ideas presented in stories.
  9. Shows a real interest in reading.
  10. Reads with a fluency typically seen in higher grade levels.
  11. Possesses a large reading vocabulary for a child in this grade.
  12. Great at picking out the themes and morals in the stories we read in class.
  13. Great reader. Often chooses books that are a grade above the current level.
  14. Excels at phonetically sounding out difficult words when reading aloud.
  15. Often looks up words in a dictionary to get a better understanding of their meanings.
  16. Reads at a quick pace!
  17. Learns new vocabulary words very quickly.
  18. Reads extensively!
  19. Possesses a mature reading vocabulary.
  20. Comprehends books intended for older students.
  21. Demonstrated a noticeable improvement. May benefit from spending more leisure time reading.
  22. Enjoys reading but often chooses books that are too difficult for students in this grade level.
  23. Reading skills have improved but building a larger reading vocabulary will be beneficial for next year.
  24. Reading skills may benefit from choosing books that are a grade below the current level.
  25. Continues to struggle with reading comprehension but has learned many new words this semester.

Language Arts/Writing

  1. Great creative writing skills. Uses adjectives and verbs to make sentences more compelling.
  2. Possesses a large writing vocabulary for a student in this grade level.
  3. Consistently writes well.
  4. Proper use of grammar in all writing assignments.
  5. Writes with clarity and poise beyond the current grade level.
  6. Writing assignments are always well organized.
  7. Shows real self-confidence in writing.
  8. Enjoys learning to spell and write new words.
  9. Learns to spell and write new words easily.
  10. Can write complete sentences independently.
  11. Capable of writing two to four related sentences.
  12. Can write a creative story with multiple paragraphs.
  13. Uses periods, question marks, and punctuation marks properly.
  14. The quality of the writing assignments continues to progress each period.
  15. Can write pieces based on well-organized thoughts.
  16. Capable of explaining topics in writing in detail.
  17. Always double-checks and edits assignments to improve writing.
  18. Writing pieces contain a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end.
  19. Includes supporting details to help readers visualize.
  20. Uses a variety of transition words to move from one idea to the next.
  21. Creative writer but needs to work on the proper use of punctuation marks.
  22. Occasionally forgets grammar rules but has shown great improvement.
  23. Writes creative stories but needs to work on sentence structure.
  24. Needs assistance writing complex sentences but writes very original stories.
  25. Should continue working on using the dictionary to look up words.


Copy and paste report card comments to communicate strengths and weaknesses in all areas of mathematics.

  1. Excels at math. Your child has no problem understanding each new math concept.
  2. Performs at a higher grade level when it comes to mathematics.
  3. Easily understands new math topics without needing additional explanations.
  4. Thoroughly understands all the math concepts expected for this grade level.
  5. Continues to improve in math. The extra work has resulted in fewer errors and higher scores.
  6. Shows a real improvement in their understanding of the math formulas discussed in class.
  7. Exceptional problem-solving skills when it comes to solving math problems.
  8. Uses problem-solving skills to solve complex math equations that other students struggle with.
  9. Continues to perform at a grade level above their current level for mathematics.
  10. Comprehends the key mathematical objectives for this grade level.
  11. Demonstrates great skill at memorizing basic math concepts.
  12. Shows great accuracy and speed when responding to math problems in front of the class.
  13. Easily memorizes important math theories.
  14. Learns new math processes and strategies with relative ease.
  15. Shows a strong aptitude for complex math equations and formulas.
  16. Has built a strong foundation of math skills for next year.
  17. Frequently applies math lessons to solve assignments without further explanation.
  18. Continues to show growth in math.
  19. Has consistently improved their math skills throughout the semester.
  20. Applies the mathematical concepts taught in class with few errors.
  21. Math skills still need a little more work.
  22. May benefit from tutoring or additional math assignments targeting problem areas.
  23. Understanding of math concepts has improved but more practice is recommended.
  24. Works hard on math but needs to focus a little more next semester.
  25. May find more mistakes by double-checking math answers before turning in an assignment.
copy and paste report card comments
copy and paste report card comments

Social Studies

  1. Can identify our city on a map without assistance.
  2. Can list and identify all the major oceans on the planet.
  3. Can list and identify all seven continents.
  4. Understands the key concepts of geography required for this grade level.
  5. Shows a real interest in history.
  6. Continues to amaze me with their knowledge of different cultures.
  7. Enjoys going beyond the class material when learning about history.
  8. Never ceases to surprise me with their ability to remember so many geographical locations.
  9. Memorized the date and significance of important events in modern history.
  10. Seems to easily remember social studies facts.
  11. Actively participates in classroom discussions on geography and history topics.
  12. Can easily find a location on a map using longitude and latitude.
  13. Understands all the concepts taught in social studies.
  14. Recognizes different perspectives and points of view.
  15. Seems to truly enjoy learning about current topics and news events.
  16. Has a strong knowledge of important events in world history.
  17. Can relate history to current events.
  18. Has the ability to think critically about historical events and current events.
  19. Enjoys learning about new places and cultures.
  20. Can perform research on their own.
  21. Needs to continue studying the globe to better find geographical locations.
  22. Remains motivated to learn but does not quite grasp certain geography topics.
  23. Shows a real passion for history but should spend a little more time on the study material.
  24. Studying before a social studies test will help increase test scores next semester.
  25. Can achieve a better grade next semester by double-checking social studies assignments.


Copy and paste report card comments to note strengths and areas of needs improvement in all areas of science.

  1. Loves science. Your child is naturally gifted at understanding complex scientific topics.
  2. Seems to enjoy exploring science. Your child is inquisitive about nature.
  3. Did a fantastic job with the last science assignment.
  4. Uses a microscope and other scientific equipment with accuracy and care.
  5. Performs exceptionally well during hands-on science experiments.
  6. Continues to grow a larger science vocabulary and understanding of biology.
  7. Can properly explain all scientific terms discussed throughout the semester.
  8. Shows high proficiency in science.
  9. Science was the area where we saw the greatest improvement in test scores.
  10. Always goes the extra mile when completing science assignments.
  11. Never needs to ask for clarification on complex scientific principles.
  12. Naturally curious about science.
  13. Exceeded all expectations in science this year. Remarkable turnaround!
  14. Is frequently the first person to volunteer answers to science questions.
  15. Displays a real aptitude for making predictions, observations, and conclusions.
  16. Highly skilled at recording and interpreting scientific observations.
  17. Enjoys collecting and handling samples for scientific experiments.
  18. Always makes accurate measurements when completing science projects.
  19. Always listens to instructions when learning about new science topics and equipment.
  20. Maintains a clean lab. Diligently cleans all equipment and surfaces as instructed.
  21. Seems to enjoy science but struggles with some of the concepts discussed this semester.
  22. Reviewing the definitions of key scientific terms may help improve test results.
  23. Needs to continue reviewing science concepts for further improvement in this subject.
  24. Should use their enthusiasm for talking to complete their daily assignments.
  25. Seems to struggle with some of the science concepts discussed in class.


  1. Maintains a positive attitude during stressful situations.
  2. Remains calm when struggling to solve a problem.
  3. The positive attitude has been a joy throughout this semester.
  4. Maturity level has continued to grow throughout the year.
  5. Accepts responsibilities with real maturity for their age.
  6. Courteous behavior. Always raises a hand when asking a question.
  7. Continually seeks new challenges.
  8. Highly motivated learner.
  9. Attitude has changed positively.
  10. Always shares with others.
  11. Shows respect to all others.
  12. Remains quiet and respectful when others talk.
  13. Works well under pressure.
  14. Always strives for excellence.
  15. Remains committed to giving every assignment their best effort.
  16. Showcases more initiative when it comes to solving problems.
  17. Can work through their frustrations with a surprising level of maturity.
  18. Takes responsibility for their actions.
  19. Has a positive attitude that others seem to find infectious.
  20. Always follows the rules of the class.
  21. Sets an example for other students to follow.
  22. Stands out as a role model for their peers.
  23. Treats class materials and school property with care and respect.
  24. Seems genuinely concerned with the well-being of their classmates.
  25. Dependable student. I can always count on them to help.
  26. Continues to grow frustrated when dealing with stressful situations.
  27. Highly motivated but struggles to stay calm when a problem arises.
  28. Seems to lack motivation for classwork.
  29. Does not enjoy sharing with others.
  30. Seems to struggle with staying quiet when others talk.

Social Skills

Copy and paste report card comments to communicate how well students interact with peers, classmates, and teachers.

  1. Highly social. Your child is very friendly and makes friends easily.
  2. Quickly makes friends with new students.
  3. Shows compassion for their peers.
  4. Shows real empathy and concern for the well-being of other students.
  5. Other students gravitate toward your child’s friendly demeanor.
  6. Enjoys speaking in front of the class.
  7. Self-confident. Natural public speaker!
  8. Never creates a distraction for other students.
  9. Always comfortable talking in front of the class.
  10. Would likely be voted the friendliest student in the class!
  11. Enjoys talking with friends, even if it occasionally results in a late assignment.
  12. Helps diffuse conflicts between other students. Shows real leadership skills.
  13. Frequently makes their friends smile.
  14. Maintains a close bond with several classmates.
  15. Remains well liked by their classmates and never struggles to find a partner for group projects.
  16. Responds politely when asked a question by teachers and faculty.
  17. Volunteers to help new students adapt to the classroom.
  18. Often spends time making sure that friends understand the topics discussed in class.
  19. Is always available to help their friends and classmates.
  20. Often the first person to be chosen for group activities.
  21. Gifted student but often prefers to work alone instead of in a group.
  22. May benefit from using a portion of free time to study instead of talking with friends.
  23. Struggles to speak in front of the class during presentations.
  24. Outgoing child but occasionally causes friction with classmates.
  25. Self-confident with friends but loses confidence when working with other students.


  1. Always participates in group projects and class discussions.
  2. Enjoys working in groups. Frequently takes the lead during group projects.
  3. Speaks clearly when participating in class discussions.
  4. Uses colorful words to make a point when speaking to the class.
  5. Enjoys participating in group storytelling.
  6. Participates enthusiastically in all class activities.
  7. Always contributes to group activities.
  8. Participation in class discussions has been fantastic this year.
  9. Stands out for taking the lead during class activities.
  10. Frequently offers constructive feedback to classmates during group projects.
  11. Is often the one in the group to ensure that everyone stays on track.
  12. Encourages other members of their workgroup to perform their best.
  13. Maintains a democratic attitude when working with peers that have different perspectives.
  14. Delegates tasks in a fair manner when taking charge of a group activity.
  15. Strives at taking on a variety of roles in classroom discussions and group activities.
  16. Carefully plans group projects to ensure better outcomes and fewer mistakes.
  17. Always listens to the ideas presented by other students before offering their own opinion.
  18. Encourages others to perform their best during classroom activities.
  19. Always raises their hand to participate or volunteer for special projects.
  20. Expresses thoughts clearly and concisely during group discussions in the classroom.
  21. Shows a lack of attention when working in a group.
  22. Does not always contribute to the group when working with others.
  23. Struggles to allow others to make decisions during group assignments.
  24. Prefers to not participate in group activities, such as class storytelling.
  25. Always eager to participate but tends to lose interest in group projects.


  1. Great listening skills. Always listens for instructions before starting on a project.
  2. Waits for instructions and listens to every detail.
  3. Pays close attention when others are speaking. Never talks over others.
  4. Shows significant improvement in listening to others before talking.
  5. Takes detailed notes when listening to lectures and starting new topics.
  6. Listens attentively to others. Makes eye contact and nods to acknowledge that they understand.
  7. Remains interested when others talk. Never creates a distraction for other students.
  8. Listens closely when I explain new concepts, limiting the need for follow-up questions.
  9. Shows great respect when listening to classmates give presentations.
  10. Waits for others to finish speaking instead of interrupting.
  11. Wonderful listening skills. Continues to show great improvement in this area.
  12. Does not always listen when others are speaking or presenting information.
  13. Should pay a little more attention when others are speaking.
  14. Occasionally gets distracted instead of listening.
  15. Fails to maintain attention when listening to others.
  16. Follows instructions well but does not always listen long enough to hear the full instructions.

Work Habits

  1. Possesses great time management skills.
  2. Diligent worker. Rarely needs extra time to complete an assignment.
  3. Good work habits have paid off. A remarkable improvement over last semester.
  4. Strong effort has produced a superior level of achievement compared to the previous period.
  5. Always uses class time wisely.
  6. Maintains good work habits.
  7. Has never turned in a late assignment.
  8. Never rushes through assignments to be the first one done.
  9. Uses time efficiently to complete assignments before the end of each class.
  10. Always produces neat, well-organized work.
  11. Displays strong self-discipline for completing tasks on time.
  12. Never makes careless mistakes. Thorough attention to detail.
  13. Consistently completes work ahead of time.
  14. Uses available time constructively.
  15. Remains focused with minimal supervision.
  16. Frequently exceeds expectations related to their work habits.
  17. Does not need a reminder to double-check work before turning it in.
  18. Works independently without getting distracted.
  19. Understands how to use time wisely to avoid creating more work for later.
  20. Very committed to learning new things.
  21. Organization skills ensure neat, well-thought-out classwork.
  22. Does not waste time. Completes assignments promptly.
  23. One of the most self-motivated students I have taught in a long time.
  24. Always puts forth their best effort.
  25. Continues to exceed my expectations when it comes to staying on track.
  26. Paying closer attention to the clock may help with completing assignments on time.
  27. Spending less time talking with friends may result in better time management.
  28. Works hard but tends to lose track of time, creating more work for later.
  29. Should devote more time to classwork and less on socializing.
  30. Seems to lack the motivation to complete homework, which significantly hurts grades.

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