11 Fun Classroom Party Games Students Love

For your next class party, incorporate some fun classroom party games that engage students to the fullest. 

What’s a class party without including at least a game or two? 

Here you will find a list of classroom party games that students of all ages, especially elementary school-aged children, will love. 

Whether you seek outdoor or indoor party games, there is an idea here that will make your classroom party celebration a success.

Classroom Party Games That Are Fun

1. Charades

Encourage students to communicate with pantomiming by playing a few rounds of charades. 

To start, divide students into two teams. Team players then take turns acting out an idea. Teams receive a point when they guess correctly.

2. Mummy Wrap

This game is sure to engage students. 

First, pair students. One child will be the “mummy” and the other the “wrapper”. 

On signal, wrappers wrap their “mummy” partners in toilet paper. 

The pair that completes wrapping first wins. 

An alternative way to play is to have one pair complete the wrapping challenge. The next pair then tries to beat the previous one. 

The game continues as such until there is only one winning duo.

3. Human Tic-Tac-Toe

For classroom party games that can be performed indoors or outdoors, try human tic-tac-toe

This version, which uses people instead of chips to mark a spot, is a physical activity that prompts students to pay close attention to opponents’ game plan. 

So not only is human tic-tac-toe a fun classroom party game, but it sharpens critical thinking skills. 

4. Bingo

If you’re seeking classroom party games that keep students in their seats while still having lots of fun, bingo is a sure win. 

Simply distribute bingo cards to each student. 

If it’s a birthday party, consider having the birthday child be the one to call out the words or phrases. 

To make this classroom party game more exciting, offer a little party favor to bingo winners. 

5. Limbo

Head outside to participate in a limbo competition. This fun class party game is sure to entertain all students, especially older ones. 

No need to look for a fancy limbo bar. A broomstick works well as long as the holders of the stick keep it steady. 

6. Minute-To-Win-It Games

For a rotation of engaging classroom party games, minute-to-win-it classroom games fit well.

Minute-To-Win-It games are brief activities that involve students competing to be the first to complete a certain number of tasks in a minute.

Examples of minute-to-win-it games include…

  • Balancing a pyramid of marshmallows on a jumbo popsicle stick without the pyramid falling
  • Tossing coins into a cup distanced inches away
  • Passing a balloon back and forth with a partner without it touching the floor or ground

See a variety of minute-to-win-it game instructions plus how to best prep for them.

7. Musical Chairs

Incorporate music into your classroom party with musical chairs. The anticipation of the music stopping keeps students super engaged.

Choose songs that are upbeat so that students stay in the groove even when they are eliminated.

8. Egg and Spoon Race

This fun outdoor classroom game involves two teams competing to transport a raw egg from one location to the next without it falling to the ground. 

The only materials needed are a dozen raw eggs (maybe two dozen if you anticipate students dropping many of them) and two spoons. 

Each team member must complete the task of carrying the egg before one team is declared the winner. 

If an egg falls during transport, the child must return to the first location and begin with a fresh egg. 

9. Unscramble Race

This is one of the classroom party games that mix fun and academics. With this activity, students practice vocabulary and spelling.

Brainstorm ten to twenty words that you’d like students to practice. 

Divide students into pairs. 

Using magnetic letters (or any other “letter” materials you have), pairs compete to determine which can unscramble the mystery word first.

A new pair competes against the winners, and the game continues as such until there is only one final winning team.

10. Pin the Tail On the Donkey

Who doesn’t love this classic party game? 

Before the day of the classroom party, include students in drawing and decorating a donkey on butcher paper. Place the completed picture on the wall.

If you’d rather not create the donkey, grab a ready-to-use Pin the Tail On the Donkey game.

During the day of the classroom party, blindfolded students take turns trying to pin the tail on the donkey. 

See detailed instructions for how to play Pin the Tail On the Donkey.

11. Simon Says

For a simple classroom party game that just about every child knows how to play, try Simon Says. 

As the teacher, call out actions for students to perform, speaking faster and faster with each new task. 

This makes the game challenging and exciting for participants.

On a second round, consider having students take turns calling out the orders for others to perform. 

Final Thoughts On Classroom Party Games

Add excitement to class parties by including a few classroom party games that are fun. 

These games and activities, which can be performed either outside or inside, are sure to delight students of all ages. 

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