55+ Great Classroom Jobs for Students

If you’re looking to assign classroom jobs, take a look at these awesome classroom jobs for students.

While teachers are typically the ones who manage, who says that students shouldn’t have a role in the classroom?

Assigning classroom jobs to students teaches responsibility, makes them feel part of a team, and holds them accountable.

The issue is coming up with enough classroom jobs for students so that everyone receives a role that’s valued.

This post shares ideas for meaningful classroom jobs for students that can work for students of all ages.

No matter the grade or subject you teach, you’re sure to find a role to fit every student’s preference within this classroom jobs list.

Classroom Jobs for Students

The following classroom jobs for students use real-world titles that are sure to grab students’ attention.

 1. Absentee Organizer

The Absentee Organizer has legible handwriting and pays attention to detail. He or she records class assignments and homework on a designated form.

This student places those notes in the “Absentee Folder” and gives them to the absent child upon his/her return.

 2. Aesthetic Crew

This is one of the few classroom jobs for students that require more than one person to perform.

The Aesthetic Crew keeps the classroom looking immaculate.

At the end of the day, this group spruces up the classroom and erases the whiteboards.

 3. Attendance Aide

The Attendance Aide takes attendance each day.

 4. Backpack Monitor

The Backpack Monitor is neat and organized. He or she straightens backpacks and removes them from others’ walking space.

 5. Birthday Director

The Birthday Director is outgoing, likes to celebrate others, and enjoys singing.

He notes student birthdays on the classroom calendar and leads the class in singing the “Happy Birthday” song on a child’s birthday.

 6. Botanist

The Botanist has a tendency for “green thumb” activities. He or she waters and nurtures the classroom plants.

 7. Caboose

The Caboose closes the door when the class leaves to go to another location in the school. He also turns off the lights upon the class exiting.

 8. Centers Manager

The Centers Manager sets up literacy centers or word work activities. Additionally, he or she returns center activities and materials to their appropriate locations.

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 9. Cubby Captain

The Cubby Captain gently pushes protruding items into the respective cubby. He or she notes which cubbies are in disarray and informs the teacher.

10. Daily Scheduler

The Daily Scheduler writes the date on the board each morning and changes the month/day cards on the classroom calendar.

11. Desk Inspector

The Desk Inspector serves as a role model by keeping her desk immaculate. She reviews classmates’ desks daily or weekly checking for organization plus neatness.

12. Distribution Specialist

The Distribution Specialist is efficient and organized. He distributes papers.

13. Door Holder

The Door Holder holds the door open for classmates as they walk to and from various locations.

14. Electrician

The Electrician turns on/off lights upon entering/exiting the classroom.

He or she makes sure classroom computers and mobile devices are turned off at the end of the day.

15. Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor “pays” classmates their “salary” each week (if the class has a class economy classroom set-up).

This helper also assists the teacher in counting money raised during classroom fundraisers.

16. Musician

The Musician chooses songs from the writer’s workshop playlist to play softly during independent writing time and controls the volume.

17. Paper Collector

The Paper Collector collects classroom/homework assignments, organizes them neatly, and then hands the work to the teacher.

18. Pencil Patrol

The Pencil Patrol sharpens “community-property” pencils at the beginning and end of the school day.

Additionally, he or she empties the electric pencil sharpener when full.

19. Pet Keeper

The Pet Keeper feeds and cares for the classroom pet.

20. Property Manager

The Property Manager surveys the classroom at the end of the day to make sure everything’s in place.

Furthermore, he or she reports broken, missing, or in-need-of-repair items to the teacher.

classroom jobs for students

21. Recycling Advocate

The Recycling Advocate empties the recycling bin regularly and encourages classmates to dispose of recycled materials appropriately.

22. Sanitation Manager

The Sanitation Manager walks around with the wastebasket asking classmates to dispose of their wastes during arts and crafts activities.

He collects big pieces of litter from the classroom floor when appropriate.

23. Snacks Distributor

The Snacks Distributor passes out snacks to classmates during snack time and ensures that everyone has been offered something.

24. Table Captain

The Table Captain distributes and collects papers for group members plus fetches materials for its respective group.

25. Technology Technician

The Technology Technician moves the lesson along by controlling the mouse when the teacher is instructing using a projector.

He or she manages the document camera as needed, distributes iPads, or assists the instructor in navigating online teaching tools.

26. Administrative Assistant

One of the most popular classroom jobs for students, the Administrative Assistant assists the classroom teacher by fetching materials needed on short notice.

She also completes duties not directly defined within other classroom jobs for students.

27. Bulletin Board Helper

The Bulletin Board Helper helps to take down and put up bulletin boards before or after school.

28. Fire Drill Deputy

The Fire Drill Deputy carries the fire drill backpack or bag with first-aid supplies during a fire drill.

29. Librarian

The Librarian keeps the classroom library organized and returns classmates’ books to the school library on a daily or weekly basis.

30. Line Leader

The Line Leader leads the class from one location in the school to another.

31. Graphic Design Squad

The Graphic Design Squad visualizes and sketches new bulletin board ideas based on current learning objectives.

32. Meteorologist

The Meteorologist records the weather and temperature each day on the classroom calendar.

Also, he confirms indoor or outdoor recess on wet days.

33. Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator maintains the school’s “Current Events” bulletin board and posts memos of school events.

34. Bathroom Monitor

The Bathroom Monitor supervises the bathroom to make sure peers are not playing around, turns off faucets accidentally left running, and makes sure no one is left in the bathroom after the class leaves.

35. Errand Runner/Messenger

The Errand Runner runs papers to and from the office plus delivers messages between classrooms.

36. Nurse Aide

The Nurse Aide accompanies an injured student to the school nurse and carries the hall pass (or anything else) for the hurt student if needed.

37. Recess Equipment Monitor

The Recess Equipment Monitor scans the playground after recess to see if any sporting or play materials remain.

Additionally, he or she collects forgotten playground items and returns them to the appropriate location.

38. Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador accompanies a new student on a tour around the school, noting important locations and/or school procedures.

He or she guides new students in learning the ins and outs of the school.

39. Substitute Helper

The Substitute Helper fills in for any classroom job when the designated person isn’t available plus assists peers with their classroom jobs when more hands are needed.

40. Transporters

Transporters carry materials from homeroom to electives/specials classes (art, music, p.e).

She or he also handles materials/items that must be moved from one part of the school to another.

41. Chair Stacker

At the end of the day, these two or three students place all chairs on top of desks.

42. File Clerk

The File Clerk files any unused worksheets. He may also file lesson plans that the teacher has completed. 

43. Sanitizer Specialist 

The Sanitizer Specialist gives a squirt of sanitizer to students at designated times of the day (e.g. lunch, snack time, bathroom breaks).

44. Secret Admirer

The Secret Admirer writes weekly notes of appreciation to support staff such as the custodians and lunch workers.

45. iPad Monitor

The iPad Monitor ensures that all students have an iPad when needed for instruction.  

This person is also responsible for making sure that every student returns his or her iPad to the appropriate location once a lesson is finished.

46. Morning Meeting Leader

The Morning Meeting Leader starts the day off with a morning meeting question. This person helps the teacher transition students into learning mode.

47. Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch classroom job involves a group. 

This group of students reminds classmates to collect their lunch trays and dispose of any trash before exiting the cafeteria. 

A perk of this classroom job is that this bunch gets to eat lunch with the teacher once a week!

48. Greeter

The Greeter salutes visitors to the classroom, making them feel welcome. 

49. Cheerleader

The Cheerleader leads the class in praising individual students or the whole class when receiving recognition for completing a milestone or particular task.

The student may choose from a variety of classroom claps and cheers.

50. Pledge Leader

The Pledge Leader leads the class in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He or she may also be responsible for holding the flag during the pledge, if applicable.

51. Anchor Chart Designer

The Anchor Chart Designer frames anchor charts in preparation for an upcoming lesson.

This is done by adding a simple border and maybe the lesson’s title to chart paper. 

Once instruction starts, the teacher and students only have to focus on filling in the chart

52. Time Filler Strategist

The Time Filler Strategist helps the teacher maintain order and structure during those last few seconds or minutes before dismissal at the end of the day. 

This student involves the class in answering basic math facts or trivia questions. 

53. News Reporter 

The News Reporter shares with the class at the end of the day any important news that students need to remember like upcoming events, field trips, important forms that need to be submitted, etc. 

This student may also remind classmates to record these events in their homework agenda.

54. Positive Affirmations Coach

The Positive Affirmations Coach leads the class in reciting one to two positive affirmations daily

This individual helps classmates cultivate a growth mindset, encouraging them to remain positive and motivated about school.

55. Tiny Teacher

The Tiny Teacher steps in as a “substitute teacher” when the teacher has to step away from teaching very briefly to attend to something very important. 

She continues what the teacher was doing such as explaining content or sharing a read-aloud book.

It’s helpful if this student is very knowledgeable of subject-matter material or strong academically. 

56. Early Finishers Assistant

The Early Finishers Assistant ensures that all of the activities, worksheets, and materials for early finisher activities are set up, organized, and accessible to students.

57. Morning Meeting Greeter

This student helps the teacher greet the class during morning meeting time.

He or she may also lead other parts of this scheduled time such as the morning meeting message.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a cool list of classroom jobs for students that they’ll actually enjoy performing.

Make them part of your classroom management plan this school year.