21 Incredibly Fun Classroom Cheers and Claps

You’re going to be pleased that you added these incredibly fun classroom cheers and claps to your teaching.

While teachers would love for students to be intrinsically motivated most of the time, the reality is that public praise often works and can be a major confidence booster for learners.

A number of classroom management systems focus heavily on consequences and give much attention to correcting negative behaviors (which is at times needed).

However, implementing more positive reinforcement strategies such as classroom claps and cheers often produces equally impressive results. 

Here you will find ideas for classroom affirmation chants and celebration cheers.

What are Classroom Cheers and Claps?

Classroom claps and cheers serve as quick fun moments of praise that help students stay engaged, motivated, and energized. 

They provide students with positive formative feedback that sparks fun, builds community, and celebrates wins.

If you want to know “How do I cheer up my classroom?”, check out this list of fun ideas which work especially well with elementary and middle school students. 

These motivational cheers for students are sure to be a hit, and you can even use them at pep rallies!

Classroom Cheers and Claps

1. Attention Grabbers Cheers

Take a few of your best classroom attention-getters, modify them to be more celebratory in nature, and then use them as classroom cheers and claps.

This way, you’ll never run out of quick classroom cheers!

2. Cowboy Cheer

Students swing their hands over their heads in a circle like a lasso. They shout, “Yeehaw!”

classroom cheers and claps

3. Elvis Cheer

Students pretend to be Elvis, holding a microphone while saying, “Thank you… thank you very much!.”

4. I Like It Cheer

When students show a positive behavior, perform this fun cheer, “That’s the way, uh hu, uh huh, I like it, uh hu, uh huh.

That’s the way, uh hu, uh huh, I like it, uh hu, uh hu!”

(To the tune of … That’s the Way I Like It by K-C and the Sunshine Band)

5. Round of Applause Cheer

Students clap their hands in a circular motion, giving a “round’ of applause.

6. Disco Cheer

Standing, students point one arm up and down diagonally while shaking their hips and singing,

“Ha ha ha ha, you did a good job, you did a good job!Ha ha ha ha, you did a good jooooooooooooooooobb……. You did a good job!”. 

(To the tune of Stayin’Alive by the Bee Gees)

classroom cheers and claps

7. Trucker Cheer

Students place a fist near their mouths as if talking into a trucker’s CB radio.

They then say in a deep trucker’s voice (or female trucker’s voice), “You did a good job, buddy.”

8. Cheese Grater Cheer

Students pretend to grate cheese (twisting motion using both hands) and say, “You’re great, great, great, great….!”

9. Hamburger Cheer

While making a sizzling sound, students pretend that they are placing a hamburger patty on a skillet.

They ask themselves, “Is it done yet?” They then turn their hand over, pretending to look at the patty and say, “Not yet.” 

They repeat this scenario twice. On the third time, they give a thumbs up and state, “Well done!”

10. Selfie Cheer

Students hold up a hand, pretending they’re going to take a selfie.

They say to themselves while posing, “Look at you! You did such a great job!”

classroom cheers and claps

11. Microwave Cheer

Students wave with their pinky fingers.

12. Na! Na! Na! Na! Cheer

Students cheer this classic chorus, “Na, na, na, na…na, na, na, na…hey, hey, hey, … good job!”

13. Ole! Ole! Ole! Cheer

Students wave both arms in the air while repeating twice, “Uno, dos, tres, Ole! Ole! Ole!”…

14. Raise the Roof Cheer

Students raise their palms in the air, bouncing them up and down while shouting, “Raise the Roof!” repeatedly.

15. Sign Language Applause Cheer

With this type of classroom applause, students raise both hands on the side of or above their heads, waving their hands quickly. 

See sign language applause.

16. Three Cheers

Hip, hip, hooray!” (Repeat three times)

This is a traditional and lively way to celebrate success or accomplishments in unison.

17. Rhythm Clap

The teacher or a student initiates a rhythmic pattern with claps, and the rest of the class repeats it, creating a fun and synchronized applause.

18. Stomp and Clap

Combine stomping feet with clapping hands to create an energetic and engaging cheer that adds a physical element to the celebration.

19. Name Cheer

Have students cheer for each other using their names, like “Go, Sarah, go!” This personalized cheer makes individuals feel special and acknowledged.

20. Wave Cheer

Like doing the wave at a sports game, have students raise their hands and cheer as it goes around the classroom.

It creates a sense of excitement and camaraderie.

21. Cheer-o-Meter

Use a visual aid (e.g., a chart or poster) to represent the “cheer-o-meter” and encourage students to raise the energy level with their cheers.

It creates a fun and interactive way to monitor enthusiasm.

Final Thoughts On Classroom Cheers and Chants

Make these classroom claps and cheers a part of your daily routines and procedures

Students will be more encouraged, motivated, focused, and happy. Additionally, you’ll reinforce more positive behaviors instead of negative ones.