21 Great Christmas Writing Activities

Integrate more writing into your lesson plans during the holiday season using these fun Christmas writing activities.

Using these activities, students will strengthen their writing skills and stretch their imaginations.

What’s more, these Christmas writing activities expose students to a variety of writing genres and cater to a variety of different learning styles. 

So celebrate Santa, winter, snow, Jesus, and all things Christmas-related using these delightful Christmas writing activities.

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Christmas Writing Activities

1. Compare and Contrast Two Christmas Icons.

Provide students with a list of Christmas icons. Ideas include Santa, Mrs. Claus, angels, Jesus, the Grinch, Rudolph, etc.

Using a Venn diagram, students compare and contrast two of these iconic figures.

2. Describe the Most Beautiful Christmas Tree.

For this Christmas writing activity, students will practice descriptive writing.

They will describe in detail the most beautiful Christmas tree they have ever seen.

If they feel that they have never seen the most beautiful Christmas tree, they will write what they think makes a tree the most beautiful.

3. Draft a Narrative Essay.

It’s easy to incorporate essay writing as part of your Christmas writing activities. This one is pretty easy because students write about a personal experience.

For this lesson, students draft a narrative essay about the best Christmas they have ever experienced.

4. Write a Postcard.

This activity teaches students how to write a postcard.

Students think about someone to whom they would like to send a kind Christmas message. Then they write a postcard to the person.

Grab a postcard template here. The blank page is the cover page that students decorate.

5. Tell How to Decorate a Christmas Tree.

Sor this activity, students tell, step-by-step, how to decorate a Christmas tree.

They need to give clear instructions so that the reader is able to follow along without confusion.

This is a good opportunity to review with students the importance of transition words in guiding the reader along.

6. Complete Apply for a Job Activity.

This is arguably one of the most popular Christmas writing activities for students.

Students hone their persuasive writing skills by applying for a job as one of Santa’s elves.

Students need to persuade Santa to hire them to be one of the elves in his shop making toys for all the children.

7. Compose a Poem. 

This is a great activity for developing students’ creativity. They’ll compose a poem about any topic related to Christmas.

Ideas include snow, winter, mittens, Jesus, Reindeer, and the Grinch.

You may want to first review with students the different types of poems such as sonnet, haiku, limerick, free verse, etc.

8. Respond to Christmas Writing Prompts.

One of the easiest and most effective Christmas writing activities is to have students respond to Christmas prompts.

What’s nice about these 25+ Christmas writing prompts is that no matter the genre you want students to work on, there is a writing prompt to serve that particular need.

Also consider giving students story starters if you want them to work a bit more on developing their creativity and story writing skills.

9. Draft a Story About Being Trapped In a Snow Globe.

Students write a fun story about being trapped in a snow globe.

10. Make a List.

For this Christmas writing activity, students will make a list.

They could make a grocery list for Santa, a Christmas list for themselves, or a Christmas list from the perspective of a someone else.

For example, what requests would Rudolph have on his Christmas list? What about Jesus, an angel, Mrs. Claus, or the Grinch?

11. Write a Letter to Santa.

For this activity, students write a letter to Santa. They either…

  • Write a letter to Santa requesting certain gifts for Christmas.
  • Write a letter to Santa persuading him to visit their house first on Christmas Eve.
  • Write a letter to Santa describing how well they have behaved this year.
  • From the perspective of a villain, explain why the character should not be on Santa’s naughty list. (Grab activity here.)

12. Tell How to Make Hot Chocolate.

Students love this cut-and-paste craftivity that improves sequencing and fine motor skills.

Students tell how to make hot chocolate step-by-step. The final products make for great bulletin board displays.

Grab the hot chocolate craftivity here.

13. Describe a Snowman.

Using the five senses, students describe in detail a snowman. They then sketch it.

14. Create a Christmas Greeting Card.

Students create a simple greeting card with a Christmas theme.

An easy way to do this is to show students a sample of a real greeting card, and then have them create their own using paper, markers, and crayons.

15. Share Top 10 Favorite Things About Christmas.

For this activity, students share their top 10 favorite things about the Christmas season.

Afterward, they share their lists with the whole class or a partner.

16. Summarize a Christmas Book or Movie.

During Christmas time, students and teachers read lots of Christmas-themed books. Students may even watch a few Christmas movies.

Students will summarize their favorite Christmas movie or book.

17. Construct a How-To Manual.

 Students construct a how-to manual about how to build the perfect snowman.

Download the how-to manual template.

18. Brainstorm a Prequel to the Grinch. 

We all know the Grinch is very grouchy, but how did he get that way?

For this fun cause-and-effect activity, students write a prequel to the story of the Grinch, explaining how he became the way he is.

19. Describe An Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

After explaining to students the concept of the ugly Christmas sweater, have them describe what they think the ugliest Christmas sweater looks like.

Afterward, they draw the sweater they described.

20. Write a Biography About Santa or Jesus.

We know that Santa delivers gifts on Christmas Eve, and we know that he’s married to Mrs. Claus.

However, what else do we know about Santa Claus?

Students will use their imaginations to write a biography of Santa’s life from childhood to the present.

They may write the biography in paragraph form or use a timeline graphic organizer.

An alternative is to write a biography about Jesus.

Download a biography timeline template.

21. Put Together a Christmas Dinner Menu.

What’s the most amazing Christmas dinner you’ve ever had? Students will create a delicious full-course Christmas dinner menu.

They must describe each dish: appetizer, main course, and dessert. They must also describe any beverages that will be served.

Final Thoughts

Using this collection of Christmas writing activities, students will improve their writing skills and stay engaged in learning because these activities are fun plus high-interest.