45 Great Cause and Effect Writing Prompts and Topics

Encourage students to ponder why things happen and also understand resulting consequences by utilizing cause and effect writing prompts.

Cause and effect writing prompts students to make connections between conditions, actions, and events.

That’s why it’s an essential writing skill.

Here you will find a useful collection of cause and effect writing prompts for elementary, middle, and high schools students.

In addition to helping students learn about cause and effect, these topics sharpen writing skills, spark expression of thought, and engage.

This week, why not schedule into your writer’s workshop or literacy block a few of these high-interest cause and effect writing prompts?

Cause and Effect Writing Prompts

Find here a collection of topics for cause and effect that help students kickstart their writing efforts.

1. Describe the benefits of owning a dog.

2. What causes people to become bullies? What negative effects does bullying have on students?

3. Explain the appeal of movies over books.

4. While camping with friends one cold night, a sudden rain extinguishes your fire. What do you do to stay warm?

5. Why do people need to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

6. Describe the effects of reciting positive student affirmations daily.

7. Explain the negative effects of too many school absences.

8. What do you think the consequences should be for students caught cheating?

9. Write about a time when you were blamed for something you didn’t do. How did that affect you?

10. What are the effects of mastering study skills?

11. Tell about an important decision you made recently and how it has affected you.

12. Describe situations that would cause someone to be sad during his/her own birthday celebration.

13. Tell the effects of eating too much junk food over time.

14. What are the effects of creating and achieving SMART goals?

15. Why are some students so happy to attend school?

16. Pretend that today’s cafeteria lunch was bad. You are a detective and will investigate. What do you think could be the cause?

17. What causes a pet to love and trust its owner?

18. What would make school more enjoyable for students?

20. When a student doesn’t listen to a teacher’s instruction well, how does that affect his/her learning?

21. Provide examples of situations that cause people frustration. Be specific.

22. What causes someone to tell a fib? What are the consequences if caught?

23. Imagine that you accidently broke someone’s prized possession. What may happen as a result?

24. If you started to walk or ride your bike to school everyday, what positive effects would take place?

25. What could cause a student to forget to do his/her homework?

Cause and Effect Writing Prompts for Middle School

The following are cause and effect writing prompts for 6th grade to high school.

26. Describe the effects of not getting enough sleep.

27. What are the consequences when one person in a group doesn’t do his/her fair share of the work?

28. When playing a game or sport, what causes one team to defeat the other? Be specific.

29. What are the negative effects of too much screen time?

30. How has technology caused students to become more productive or unproductive?

31. In your opinion, why do citizens love sports so much?

32. Explain the benefits of having house plants or an outdoor garden.

33. What would happen if you accidently forgot your mother’s, father’s, or sibling’s birthday? Explain some cause and effect situations related to this scenario.

34. How does what you read, see, and hear influence your actions?

35. Describe a big mistake you made in the past, and tell what lesson it taught you.

36. Why do you think some students cheat?

37. How would your life be impacted if you had to suddenly move to a new city or state?

38. What’s the importance of voting?

39. In your opinion, what causes some people to become more successful than others?

40. What positive effects has a good friend had in your life?

41. Explain the consequences of low reading comprehension.

42. Describe the effects of waiting the night before to study for a major exam.

43. If citizens don’t reduce pollution, describe the long-term effects.

44. In your opinion, what causes people to become homeless?

45. Share some consequences of not mastering basic multiplication facts.

Writing Prompts About Cause and Effect – Q & A

What are some good topics for cause and effect essays?

Some good topics for cause and effect essays are pollution, health, technology, emotions, and economics.

Fun cause and effect essay ideas include pets and entertainment.

How do you show cause and effect in writing?

To show cause and effect in writing, begin with an action, condition, or event.

Now ponder what caused that action, condition, or event.

Afterwards, brainstorm any consequences that will result.

How do you teach cause and effect essay?

To teach cause and effect, use a cause and effect essay structure.

Begin with an introduction paragraph explaining the main action, event, or condition. Then write a few paragraphs detailing the causes and effects.

Finally, summarize your ideas in a concluding paragraph. See ideas for structuring your cause and effect essay.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a ready-supply of cause and effect writing topics to use that support students as they explore cause and effect writing.

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