51 Great Bell Ringer Writing Prompts

Help students transition into an academic mindset using these engaging bell ringer writing prompts.

Bell ringers, brief exercises that students complete while the teacher attends to classroom preparatory duties, help to establish a consistent routine so that student distractions are minimized upon arrival to class.

These short tasks settle students and encourage them to begin working.

Done consistently, students know what to expect upon arrival, and the teacher gets a bit more time to organize for the next lesson.

Whichever subject you teach, you’ll find these bell ringer writing prompts helpful as you plan your lessons.

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Bell Ringer Writing Prompts

The following bell ringer writing prompts help students to transition smoothly into learning mode.

1. What are some examples and non-examples of an ambitious spirit?

2. Describe two significant social issues currently affecting your country.

3. Explain the importance of getting enough sleep.

4. Describe your favorite food.

5. Share a memorable first day of school.

6. Summarize a section or chapter of a book you’re currently reading.

7. Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?

8. What are the pros and cons of owning a dog?

9. Explain why an architect is considered a type of artist.

10. Tell the benefits of listening to music.

11. Brainstorm a social media hashtag that represents something about you. What is the hashtag? Describe what it means.

12. Describe a place where you feel safe.

13. What are the consequences of too much junk food?

14. Share an experience visiting another country or state.

15. Write a note to a friend or family member, thanking the person for a kind gesture.

16. How do you prepare for back to school?

17. Are typing skills and cursive handwriting still essential skills to learn? Why or why not?

18. Define success.

19. Describe your strategy for reaching your SMART goals.

20. Write a recommendation for a summer reading book you like.

bell ringer writing prompts
bell ringer writing prompts

21. Share the recipe for having a really good report card.

22. My favorite holiday tradition is … because…

23. Describe your ideal meal without actually mentioning it.

24. What do you like and dislike most about autumn?

25. Tell the importance of saying “please” and “thank you”.

26. Write about your top two favorite things that have happened so far this school year.

27. Describe a book you read that you just couldn’t put down.

28. Share a proud moment in your life.

29. Write about what you like and dislike about your school.

30. What are the benefits of responding to bell ringer writing prompts?

31. In your opinion, how can students stop stressing out?

32. Draft a letter to students in the grade level below you, telling them what to expect next school year.

33. If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…

34. Would you rather be covered in scales or covered in fur? Explain your choice.

35. How can you encourage a friend who is feeling down?

36. Summarize an important skill, concept, or lesson you learned this week.

37. Explain the importance of having solid study skills.

38. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” What do you think this quote means?

39. To your knowledge, is college always necessary? Why or why not?

40. If someone from out of town visited your city for a few days, what attractions would you recommend for them to see and why?

41. Why do you think it’s important for people to donate to local charities?

42. Explain the history behind your favorite comic.

43. Pick a president from history, and write a brief biography about him.

44. How should people work out a disagreement?

45. Which do you like better…the morning time or the night time? Why do you like this time of day more than the other?

46. For 24 hours, you have wings and can fly anywhere. Describe all the places you’ll visit.

47. Write the characteristics of your parents.

48. Describe the perfect school day.

49. Share a family tradition.

50. Tell a strategy for building something out of 100 Legos.

51. Why is it necessary to have rules?

Final Thoughts: Bell Ringer Writing Prompts

Now you have a ready-supply of bell ringer writing prompts that get students on task quickly.

If you found these bell ringer writing prompts helpful, download free printable of bell ringer questions.