55 Great Beach Writing Prompts

Celebrate summertime, hot weather, seashells, swimming, the ocean, and all things beach-related by using these fun beach writing prompts. 

Whether you want students to strengthen writing skills or journal about experiences at the beach, these beach writing prompts will come in handy. 

They make a great addition to your Writers Workshop lesson plan collection. Also, consider assigning them to students during summer break so that they maintain their writing skills. 

It’s time to soak in the sun and enjoy the ocean. These delightful beach writing prompts help to set the mood.

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Beach Writing Prompts

1. Share a favorite beach memory.

2. Devise a strategy for winning first place in a sand-building contest. 

3. Describe what a beach looks and feels like on a busy summer weekend.

4. Tell the pros and cons of going to the beach during a holiday.

5. What exactly is a beach? Explain.

6. Write a story about a mermaid who surfs.

7. Describe what you think it would feel like to ride a wave. 

8. Take the benefits of wearing sunscreen. 

9. What are the pros and cons of having a house next to the beach?

10. Compare and contrast snorkeling and swimming. 

11. Describe ocean water using all five senses.

12.  Write a diary entry from the perspective of a beach towel. 

13. You see a mermaid waving at you… finish the story.

14. Explain the relationship between the moon and the tide.

15. Compose a poem about the beach.

16.  Would you rather collect sea shells or build a sandcastle at the beach? Why? 

17. Tell how a swimsuit is different from winter clothing. 

18. Write two math word problems that take place at the beach.

19. Describe sand to someone who has never seen or felt it.

20. What are the best things about visiting a beach?

beach writing prompts
beach writing prompts

21. Use figurative language to describe a sand castle.

22. Make a grocery list for a pirate.

23.  List safety procedures people should follow when swimming at the beach. 

24. Tell about a time when you got sunburned at the beach. 

25. Why do you think some people view the beach as a relaxing place?

26. Describe the types of activities done at the beach. 

27. How is a beach experience different in the summer vs. the winter?

28. Write a story that takes place at the beach.

29.  Compare and contrast a jellyfish and a starfish. 

30. Share a memory of watching a sunset. 

31. Tell five facts and five opinions about the beach. 

32. Write a story about magic footprints in the sand. 

33. Describe the types of foods you’d have at a picnic on the beach. 

34. Write a letter to the mayor persuading her to start a clean-up campaign for the beach. 

35. Convince your parents to buy you a new pair of sunglasses. 

36. Explain how to play frisbee.

37. Make a how-to manual that explains how to snorkel. 

38. How can people be encouraged to keep beaches clean?

39.  The headline reads, “Shark Spotted At Local Beach!” Write the news story.

40. If you were stuck on an island, who would you want with you and why?

41. Create a recipe using only foods from the ocean.

42.  Share the similarities and differences between a swimming pool and an ocean. 

43. Compare and contrast a ship, sailboat, and canoe. 

44. What emotions do you feel when at the beach? Give examples.

45. Describe an unattractive beach.

46. Draft a story about exploring an underwater cave. 

47. Share the benefits of spending time outdoors.

48.  Tell about a not-so-pleasant memory at the beach. 

49. Describe the perfect beach.

50. What’s the difference between a hotel and a resort?

51. Write a story about a beach vacation being ruined by a downpour.

52. If you were planning a beach-themed birthday party, what would it be like?

53. If a beach ball could talk, it would say… 

54. Create a fun game involving a beach ball that the whole family can play.

55. Write a story about someone who does skating tricks on a boardwalk.

Final Thoughts: Beach-Themed Writing Prompts

Improve writing skills while enjoying the beach using these creative beach writing prompts.

They make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

If you liked these writing prompts about the beach, you might be interested in beach arts and crafts projects.

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