12 Fun Back-to-School Writing Activities

Prompt students to get into writing during the first few weeks of school using these engaging back-to-school writing activities.

As teachers, we understand the importance of spending time explaining rules, routines, and procedures during the first few weeks of school.

However, it’s important to start teaching during those first weeks also.

One way to transition gently is by assigning fun back-to-school writing activities that motivate students to share their personal experiences plus knowledge.

Here you will find a collection of back-to-school writing activities that helps to start writer’s workshop off on a good note.

Now you have another task crossed off of your back-to-school to-do list!

Back-to-School Writing Activities

Following you will find a variety of back-to-school assignments that engage even the most reluctant students.

1. Fill In a First Day of School Read Aloud Graphic Organizer.

One of the first back-to-school writing activities that you can implement is to have students fill in a graphic organizer in response to a back-to-school read-aloud book.

The graphic organizer that you choose depends on the type of book that you read or the skill that you’re targeting.

Some general graphic organizers that you may consider include writing a summary, sequencing, story elements, and main idea.

2. Respond to Back-to-School Story Starters.

One of the easiest back-to-school writing activities is story starters.

Story starters kickstart students’ writing so that they don’t have to generate ideas from scratch.

Use them as morning work or as warm-ups.

Back-to-school story starter ideas…

  • This year, I hope to learn…
  • The Top 10 things that make me feel good…
  • Five years from now…
  • The place I want to visit on a field trip this school year is …because…
  • If I had a robot, here’s what I would make it do…
  • My favorite way to spend indoor recess…
  • As I approached my classroom on the first day, I noticed…
  • What I want my teacher to know about me…
  • The perfect school day looks and feels like this…
  • During my summer break, I…

3. Do Back-to-School Quick Writes.

Quick Writes are brief, informal writing assignments that aid students in communicating their thoughts about a particular subject.

They make great first week of school writing activities.

Use them as morning work during the first month back to school.

Distribute a set of these prompts to students on Monday (placed in their writing folders), and have them respond to one each morning.

Grab a set of back-to-school quick writes.

4. Interview a Classmate.

This back-to-school writing activity is great for getting students acquainted with one another.

First, pair students, and give each an student interview worksheet.

Each will ask the other the questions with the receiver recording the partner’s responses.

Suggested questions:

  • What’s your favorite game or sport?
  • Do you have siblings?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What’s your least favorite food?
  • Do you play any musical instruments?
  • What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
  • Which was your favorite activity from last school year?
  • Do you own any pets? If so, what kinds?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Any other questions students are interested in asking

After some time, rotate partners so that students have an opportunity to interview several classmates.

5. Describe Your Weekday Morning Routine.

For this back-to-school writing activity, students practice sequencing and descriptive writing.

What they need to do is describe their weekday morning routine from the time they get up in the morning until the time they arrive at school. 

back-to-school writing activities
top 5 back-to-school writing activities

6. Complete An All About Me Worksheet.

This activity is so engaging for students because they love sharing this type of information.

Provide students with an All About Me Template to complete. Afterward, each child shares his worksheet with the class.

7. Create Back-to-School Bookmarks.

This is one of the coolest back-to-school writing activities because students are creating a souvenir.

Give students bookmark templates.

With a Back to School theme, students will write a positive message or quote on each bookmark and then decorate them.

Considering laminating or covering with contact paper to keep bookmarks sturdy.

8. Complete I Am Unique Fingerprint Writing Activity.

With this activity, students will show how wonderful and unique they are.

Using one of the fingerprint templates, students will write about themselves. Prompts are included to help students generate ideas.

Grab the I Am Unique Fingerprint activity here.

9. Draft a Persuasive Letter to the Teacher.

Students draft a persuasive letter to the teacher convincing her to offer certain types of whole class rewards for good behavior.

10. Write About Your Character Traits.

Provide students with a character traits graphic organizer.

At the center of the graphic organizer, students will sketch a drawing of their faces.

Afterward, they write six adjectives of themselves in the smaller circles, providing an example for each trait.

11. Tell How to Be a Good Friend.

At the beginning of the school year, we want to make sure that students are getting along with each other and making new friends.

One way to support this endeavor is by having students write the characteristics of a good friend.

Provide students with a T-chart graphic organizer, and have them write examples and non-examples of being a good friend.

Afterwards, they write the information in paragraph form inside their writer’s workshop notebooks.

12. Share a Favorite Summer Memory.

Students love to talk about themselves and their experiences so ask them to share a memorable summer memory.

This is a good opportunity to introduce narrative writing in the sense of taking a small moment in time and developing that one idea.

Final Thoughts: First Week Back Writing Activities

Start the year off well using these fun back-to-school writing activities that strengthen writing skills and motivate students to share their experiences.

These tasks make transitioning into back-to-school mode productive and fun.