55 Awesome August Writing Prompts for Students

Acknowledge the special days and events that occur in the eighth month of the year using these fun August writing prompts for students.

No matter what type of writing you want students to practice, here you will find a prompt to fit their needs.

Not only do these August daily writing prompts eliminate writer’s block, but they also help students explore their imaginations, self-reflect, think critically, and sharpen their writing skills.

That’s why they serve well as journal prompts for self-discovery.

So whether you use these writing prompts for August as weekly writing prompts or daily journal prompts, pencil a few into your lesson plan book this week.

August Writing Prompts

1. What things do you love most about the month of August?

2. Explain, step-by-step, how to make an ice cream sandwich.

3. Compare and contrast a watermelon and a cantaloupe. 

4. Share a fun memory of doing a water activity. 

5. Tell something new that you learned how to do recently.

6. Imagine that you and your family go camping. Without technology, how will you all stay entertained?

7. Summarize what you did last weekend. 

8. What are the pros and cons of owning a cat? 

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9. Write a book recommendation about your favorite book. 

10. Describe the causes and effects of laziness. 

11. Provide examples that show that you are a good son or daughter. 

12. Would you rather drink lemonade or Kool-Aid? Explain your choice. 

13. What do you think are some of the challenges of being left-handed?

14. Write a letter to your new teacher introducing yourself. 

15. Make a how-to guide about relaxation. 

16. Tell about a fun experience taking a fun ride at an amusement park. 

17. Explain why it’s important to recycle. 

18. Draft a letter for the local newspaper giving tips to students on how to prepare well for back-to-school. 

19. Share all the facts you know about airplanes. 

20. Tell about a time when you were really annoyed with mosquitos. 

21. Explain some ways that society can show more respect to senior citizens. 

22. Write a story about a Tooth Fairy who leaves cookie crumbs instead of money under children’s pillows. 

23. Explain the effects of wind. 

24. If you could create any new type of restaurant, what kind would it be and why? Describe the menu. 

25. Write a haiku or another type of poem about August. 

26. Invent a new holiday that celebrates the wonders of August. Name it and describe how people would celebrate.

27. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a backpack. 

28. Devise a strategy for winning first place in a sandcastle-building contest. 

29. What are some things that you can do to make a new student feel welcome at your school?

30. Give detailed steps for making S’mores. 

31. Write a story that includes these words: picnic, rain, ants, pie, beach

32. How would your life be different if you lived next to a beach?

33. Create a city guide for tourists that highlights all the best attractions in town. 

34. Share the benefits of being homeschooled.

35. Write the pros and cons of distance learning and in-person learning.

36. What advice would you give to a friend who wants to make this school year his/her best year yet?

37. Write a postcard to a friend describing your favorite summer memory from August.

38. In exactly 50 words, capture the feeling of the last day of summer in August.”

39. Create a list of five fun activities to make the most of the remaining days of August.”

40. If August had a color, what would it be? Describe the shade and explain why you chose it.”

41. Write a one-sentence story that begins with ‘On a hot August afternoon…'”

42. Compose a haiku about the August sun setting over the horizon.”

43. Invent a new ice cream flavor inspired by August, and describe its taste and appearance.

44. Write a letter to your future self, reflecting on the lessons you learned this August.

45. Write a short dialogue between two friends planning an end-of-summer picnic in August.”

46. Describe the sound of August rain in just three words.

47. If you could time travel to any August in history, which one would you choose and why?

48. Describe the taste of the first bite of a juicy August watermelon.

49. Compose a short dialogue between a sunflower and a cricket discussing their favorite things about August.

50. Write a six-word story that captures the essence of August.”

51. Create a menu for a special ‘End of Summer’ feast, including your favorite August foods.

52. Write a short poem about the joy of watching August fireflies dance in the night.

53. If August were a character, what would they be like? Describe their personality and traits.

54. Write a funny or adventurous story about a mischievous August breeze.

55. Write a thank-you note to Summer, expressing your gratitude for the experiences you had in August.

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Final Thoughts On Writing Prompts for August

Recognizing the arrival of August is now more fun and engaging by utilizing these delightful writing prompts for the month of August.

These August writing prompts are designed to spark creativity and help students practice expression and a variety of writing skills.

They can be used for quick writing exercises/activities or as journal prompts to encourage regular writing practice throughout the month.