41 Great Attention-Grabbers for Teachers That Focus Quickly

In education, keeping students engaged and focused is a primary goal.

Tools that educators may use to keep things under control include attention-grabbers for teachers.

What are Attention-Grabbers for Teachers?

Attention grabbers are techniques or strategies used by educators to capture students’ attention and interest at the beginning of a lesson or during an instructional activity.

The primary purpose of attention grabbers is to draw students’ focus and inspire active participation in the learning process.

They are also helpful to use when transitioning students from one activity to the next.

Attention-grabbing strategies vary depending on the subject matter, grade level, and the teacher’s creativity.

This post provides common examples of effective attention-grabbers for teachers to use in classrooms and other school settings.

Attention-Grabbers For Teachers

Thanks to all the teachers who kindly submitted their original ideas for classroom attention-grabbers. Their names are noted.

1. Teacher: “Snap, crackle…”

Students: “Pop!”

Contributed by Byron O.

2. Teacher: “Macaroni and cheese…”

Students: “Give me more please!”

Contributed by Tómas M.

3. Teacher: “Healthy food…”

Students: “Healthy body!”

Contributed by Natalia I.

4. Teacher: “Grilled cheese sandwich…”

Students: “Warm and gooey!”

Contributed by Edgar J.

5. Teacher: “An apple a day…”

Students: “Keeps the doctor away!”

Contributed by Amelia U.

6. Teacher: “Sugar and spice…”

Students: “And everything nice!”

Contributed by Misty N.

7. Teacher: “You’re the apple…”

Students: “Of my eye!”

Contributed by Jaimee H.

8. Teacher: “Ice cream sundae…”

Students: “With a cherry on top!”

Contributed by Carlos L.

9. Teacher: “Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury…”

Students: “Inner planets!”

Contributed by Spencer T.

10. Teacher: “Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune…”

Students: “Outer planets!”

Contributed by Scott M.

11. Teacher: “North, east…”

 Students: “South, west!”

Contributed by Natasha C.

12. Teacher: “In 1942…”

Students: “Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”

Contributed by Gisela N.

13. Teacher: “Save the…”

Students: “Earth!”

Contributed by Angela M.

14. Teacher: “11 x 6…”

Students: “Sixty-six!”

Contributed by Beau Q.

*Use any other basic facts for this attention-grabber.

15. Teacher: “Math is…”

Students: “All around us!”

Contributed by Emma G.

attention grabbers for older students

16. Teacher: “Austin, Austin…”

Students: “Capital of Texas!”

Contributed by Deion B.

17. Teacher: “Boise, Boise…”

Students: “Capital of Idaho!”

Contributed by Claitonya J.

18. Teacher: “Fractions are…”

Students: “Parts of a whole!”

Contributed by Quincy D.

19. Teacher: “Reading is…”

Students: “Knowledge and power!”

Contributed by Kathy F.

20. Teacher: “Reading is…”

Students: “Thinking!”

Contributed by Ja’Kariya W.

21. Teacher: “Halloween…”

Students: “Candy!”

Contributed by Blanca M.

22. Teacher: “Easter…”

Students: “Bunny!”

Contributed by Héctor U.

23. Teacher: “Thanksgiving…”

Students: “Dinner!”

Contributed by Pedro A.

24. Teacher: “Humpty, Dumpty…”

Students: “Crack!”

Contributed by Wilma P.

25. Teacher: “Jack and Jill…”

Students: “Went up the hill!”

Contributed by Belinda G.

26. Teacher: “Nothing is…”

 Students: “Impossible!”

Contributed by Michela C.

27. Teacher: “Fly like…”

Students: “An eagle!”

Contributed by Francisco P.

28. Teacher: “Smart as an…”

Students: “Elephant!”

Contributed by Clifton D.

29. Teacher: “We are the…”

Students: “B-E-S-T, Best!”

Contributed by Monique B.

30. Teacher: “Never let it rest…”

Students: “Until my better is best!”

Contributed by Toia G.

31. Teacher: “Don’t worry…”

Students: “Be happy!”

Contributed by Neha P.

32. Teacher: “Busy as a bee…”

Students: “Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Contributed by Jimmy P.

33. Teacher: “Hey little kittens…”

Students: “Time to paws!”

Contributed by Larisa M.

34. Teacher: “Kangaroo bop…”

Students: “Hoppity, hop, hop!”

Contributed by Melba S.

35. Teacher: “ABC…”

Students: “Easy as 1-2-3!”

Contributed by Donald B.

attention grabbers for teachers
attention-grabbers for teachers

36. Teacher: “Go…”

Students: “Jaguars!” (school’s mascot)

Contributed by Martha M.

37. Teacher: “2-4-6-8…”

Students: “Who do we appreciate? The tigers…yeah, yeah…the tigers!” (or whatever is the school’s mascot)

Contributed by Phil R.

38. Teacher: “Fall leaves…”

Students: “Autumn breeze!”

Contributed by Kevin S.

39. Teacher: “Spring flowers…”

Students: “April showers!”

Contributed by Tamara D.

40. Teacher: “Winter, spring…”

Students: “Summer, fall!”

Contributed by Rebecca K.

41. Teacher: “Summer sun…”

Students: “Good times have begun!”

Contributed by Nicholas A.

42. Teacher: “God is…”

Students: “Good!”

Contributed by Dayjannique W.

*This one is great for Christian schools.

Other Ways to Grab Students’ Attention Quickly

  • Use Visuals. – Show a photo of something funny or catchy so that students gain interest quickly.
  • Ask a Question. – Pose a simple question such as, “Are you ready?” or “Are pencils down?”
  • Incorporate Technology. – Use an audible timer to signal when it’s time to focus.
  • Use Movement. – Move from one location to another so that students know it’s time to listen.
  • Make a Sound. – Employ sound effects or music.
  • Interact With a Fingers Scale. – Request that students show you a certain number of fingers to demonstrate their attentiveness. (e.g. “Show me 5 if you’re ready to jive!”)
  • Use Props. – Show an interesting prop or object.

Final Thoughts On Attention-Grabbers for Teachers

Get control of a situation quickly using these helpful attention-grabbers for teachers that are enjoyable for students of all ages.

No longer worry about trying to silence a classroom. These attention-getters take you from chaos to calm in seconds.