51 Helpful Art Report Card Comments

Art teachers! Save time drafting student reports using this list of art report card comments. 

Here you’ll find phrases for all elementary grades, from kindergarten to fifth.

Even middle and high school teachers will find these report card comments for art useful.

So if you’re looking for art report card comments, you’re in the right place. Save time and frustration using this art comment bank.

Art Report Card Comments

Art Work Habit Comments

  • _____ is always on task during art class.
  • _____ actively participates in art discussions. 
  • _____ struggles with keeping art materials organized.
  • _____ demonstrates respect for art supplies and materials. 
  • _____ sacrifices artwork quality for speed. 
  • _____ fails to complete art assignments.
  • _____ shows great pride in his artwork. 
  • _____ rushes through art assignments and projects. 
  • _____ uses time in art class constructively. 
  • _____ exhibits confidence in her artistic abilities.
  • Because _____ struggles to pay attention, the art teacher often has to repeat instructions several times.
  • _____ grasps art concepts easily. 
  • _____ shows a keen interest in art activities.
  • _____ completes art projects and assignments only after redirecting by the teacher.
  • _____ collaborates well with peers.
  • _____ has a good eye for detail. 
  • _____ uses art materials and supplies responsibly. 

Art Class Behavior Comments

  • _____ strives to get along with peers in art class.
  • _____ follows rules in art class with minimal prompting.
  • _____ makes smooth transitions from one art activity to the next. 
  • _____ accepts accountability for his actions in art class.
  • _____ understands that there is a time to socialize and a time to do the artwork.
  • _____ demonstrates respect to peers and teachers in art class…
  • _____ follows directions the first time during art class.
  • _____ responds to challenges in a calm and respectful demeanor.
  • _____ has a hard time listening to instructions in art class.
  • _____ often displays a negative attitude toward art assignments.
  • _____ does not submit art assignments on time.
  • _____ disturbs others when working on art projects. 
  • _____ refuses to participate in art activities.
  • _____ does not respect art supplies and materials.
  • _____ has difficulty controlling emotions in art class.

Art Skills

  • _____ is progressing well with (insert art skill).
  • _____ uses art to express emotions, feelings, and ideas.
  • _____ creates imaginative artwork using a variety of materials. 
  • _____ demonstrates an understanding of (insert art skill or strategy).
  • _____ makes age-appropriate drawings of…
  • _____ is still struggling with (insert art skill, strategy, or behavior).
  • _____’s fine motor skills are developing well. 
  • _____ needs to continue practicing (insert art skill). 
  • _____ creates artwork using textures, shapes, lines, forms, and colors. 
  • _____ identifies uses of art in everyday life.
  • _____ produces very good (insert art medium).
  • _____ shows an understanding that art is created by individuals from around the world. 
  • _____ makes connections between art concepts and other areas of life.
  • _____ communicates effectively in art class using art terms. 
  • _____ interprets content, meanings, and stories through a variety of artworks.  
  • _____ applies a variety of techniques to produce good artwork. 
  • _____ is beginning to develop his or her own artistic style. 
  • _____ is a natural artist.
  • _____ demonstrates artistic growth.

Final Thoughts On Art Comments For Students

Now you have quality art report card comments to save time and frustration during report card time.