61 Great Argumentative Writing Prompts for Middle School

If you’re seeking argumentative writing prompts for middle school students, you’ve landed in the right place.

These interesting argumentative prompts cover a variety of subjects that even your most reluctant writers will find appealing.

What’s more, they enhance writing skills, encourage students to express their opinions with confidence, and deepen learning experiences.

So why not pencil into your writer’s workshop block this week a few of these engaging argumentative writing prompts for middle school students?

Argumentative Writing Prompts for Middle School

Following you will find a variety of argumentative writing prompts for middle school students that can be used for a variety of writing activities.

1. If you were mayor of a new town, how would you convince people to move there?

2. Argue the benefits of teachers not giving homework.

3. Do you think that violent video games are appropriate for middle school students? State and defend your stance.

4. In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge that teenagers face today?

5. Should students be allowed to use cell phones during class time? Why or why not?

6. Do you think grades should be given or just pass/fail? Explain.

7. Is it fair that celebrities make more money than medical doctors? Why or why not?

8. Is social media harmful to young people? Explain.

9. State the importance of protecting Earth from pollution, and explain why everyone should play a part in helping.

10. In what ways can schools do more to prevent or reduce bullying?

11. Should it be mandatory for students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?

12. Are you for or against school uniforms? Defend your position.

13. Should middle school students have a later bedtime than younger students? Explain your thinking.

14. Write an article for the school newspaper arguing the benefits of learning a second language.

15. Explain how technology can actually be detrimental to people’s lives.

16. Why is it necessary for schools to administer standardized tests?

17. How should schools most effectively handle bullying?

18. Explain why it’s essential to eat a healthy diet.

19. Explain the benefits of summer camp.

20. Why do you think some students dislike the cafeteria good? How can this issue be resolved?

21. What are some ways that schools can become better places for all students?

22. Explain why more class time should be given to electives.

23. Why do you think it’s important to set and achieve SMART goals?

24. Explain why eating junk food is bad for one’s mental and physical health.

25. Why should citizens be concerned with endangered animals?

argumentative writing prompts for middle school
argumentative writing prompts for middle school

26. Discuss ways that teachers can make lessons more accessible to students.

27. State your opinion on whether middle schoolers watch too much television.

28. Describe why it’s important not to always judge someone based on how they look.

29. Share the importance of learning study skills.

30. Should good grades be a requirement to participate in school sports? Explain.

31. Justify people’s concern for animals’ rights.

32. State the benefits of gum chewing in class.

33. Persuade your parents to listen to your favorite music.

34. What time of day do you think school should start and why?

35. In your opinion, which is the better pet: cat or dog?

36. What’s the thrill of watching funny cat videos on YouTube?

37. Write a letter convincing your family to move to the mountains.

38. Draft a letter persuading your 90-year-old grandparent to register for a social media account.

39. Argue for or against the school year being 100 days.

40. What does your pet really think about you and your family?

41. Explain what makes your first, last, or middle name awesome.

42. When is the best time for students to have a cell phone and why?

43. Share your opinion on the appropriate age for staying home alone.

44. Should certain grade levels in middle school have special privileges? Why or why not?

45. Are school uniforms a good idea?

46. Should P.E. classes be divided by gender? Why or why not?

47. What new electives should the school offer, and why?

48. Should more school assignments be group work or independent work? Why?

49. How can the lunch menu be made more appealing to students?

50. Do middle school students need much supervision? Why or why not?

51. How can cyberbullying be reduced?

52. Is online or in-person learning better? Why?

53. Is the sale of fast food on campus a bad influence on middle schoolers? Why or why not?

54. Should participation in a school sport be required? Explain.

55. What are the benefits and disadvantages of students working to earn money?

56. At what age should students begin learning how to drive? Why do you think this?

57. State the pros or cons of having school year-round.

58. What would make homework a better learning experience for students?

59. How should the school handle bullying?

60. Should there be seat belts on school buses? Why or why not?

61. If one participates in sports, should she be allowed to miss P.E class? Why or why not?

Final Thoughts: Argumentative Writing Prompts for Middle School

Now you have a collection of argumentative writing prompts for middle school.

Consider having students review the elements of argumentative writing before sharing these prompts.

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