31 Delightful April Writing Prompts for Students

Have fun celebrating the fourth month of the year using these delightful April writing prompts.

During this time, students will recognize and gain appreciation for the themes, events, holidays, traditions, and ideas connected with April.

In addition to reducing writer’s block, these April journal writing prompts spark creativity, instill a love for writing, increase writing skills, and showcase knowledge about topics.

You’ll have fun teaching these April writing prompts, and students will enjoy responding to them!

No more will learners wonder that they should write about in April or spring.

So pencil into your writer’s workshop lesson plans this week a few of these engaging April-themed writing prompts.

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April Writing Prompts

The following April writing prompts work best with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade learners.

However, the prompts can be modified to fit the needs of kindergarten students.

1. Share an experience about an April Fool’s joke that you played on a friend or relative. 

2. Summarize your favorite children’s book.

3. Draft a letter to the school librarian, thanking her for her hard work and service. 

4. Explain how to use a road map.

5. Plan the perfect field trip. Where will the class go. and what will you do there? Why do you choose this place? 

6. Tell about a time when you told a lie. Why did you do it? What was the end result?

7. Describe some ways that people can stay healthy and fit. 

8. If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why? Why are our names significant?

9. Compare and contrast a submarine and a ship. 

10. Share your secret recipe for making the yummiest grilled cheese sandwich. 

11. Describe a cool Earth Day arts and crafts project that you think your classmates will enjoy making. 

12. Describe what you see when you look at the sky at night. 

13. Why do citizens have to pay taxes? Do you feel this is fair? Why or why not?

14. Write a letter to the National Zoo Foundation, persuading it to spend more money and resources on elephant research. 

15. Explain the importance of flowers in our world. 

16. What does a typical weekend with your family look like?

17. Draft a letter for the school’s newsletter, asking for student volunteers to help with hiding eggs for the Easter egg hunt. 

18. Share a memory that you have from kindergarten. 

19. Would you rather eat spinach or broccoli as a side dish for dinner? Explain your choice. 

20. Tell the purpose of a map, and give examples. 

21. In your opinion, what are the best things about the month of April?

22. Tell the benefits of owning house plants. 

23. Explain how to play your favorite sport. 

24. Imagine that you’re in the mall. Persuade your parents to buy you a pretzel from the food court. 

25. What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

26. Summarize all the benefits of responding to April writing prompts.

27. Describe your best hairstyle. Then sketch a drawing of it. 

April Creative Writing Prompts

28. Write a short story about a family of raindrops living in a rainbow. 

29. Create a story about an Easter bunny that spends the day with you at school. 

30. Compose a haiku on a topic that is related to the month of April. 

31. Write a funny story about a pig that loves to sleep all day wrapped in a blanket.

32. If a tree could talk, what message do you think it would give to humans?

Final Thoughts

Now you have a good collection of April writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

If you would like a free printable of these April writing prompts, download April writing prompts calendar 2023.

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