55 Delightful April Fools Writing Prompts That Move Pens

Share laughter and light-hearted fun with these April Fools writing prompts for students.

This assortment of delightful April Fools writing prompts gets students’ creative juices flowing, resulting in students producing content with little hesitation.  

What’s more, these April Fools Day writing prompts sharpen writing skills, encourage students to express their thoughts, and provide the opportunity to apply the six traits of writing

So make these April Fools writing prompts part of your April teaching resources.

April Fools Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers move their pencils to these cool April Fool’s Day writing prompts.

1. Tell about a time when you played a joke on someone and things turned out for the worse. 

2. Describe the similarities and differences between April Fool’s Day and Easter.

3. Is it naughty, nice, or just plain fun to play April Fools jokes on others? Explain.

4. Write a funny letter to your grown-up self.

5. Share the differences between light-hearted jokes and mean-spirited April Fool’s pranks.

6. Explain the key ingredients to pulling off a great April Fool’s joke.

7. In your opinion, why do some people mean when doing April Fool’s jokes? Describe how you think the victims feel when this happens.

8. Give examples of being mischievous. 

9. Pretend that your teacher wants to play a crazy joke on the teacher next door. Brainstorm a prank that will be funny and not mean. 

10. Share about a time when you fell for an April Fool’s Day joke and felt silly afterward.

11. Describe a prank you played on a sibling or friend. 

12. Name some foolish things you have done in your life. Which do you wish you could change and why?

13. Why do you think people play April Fool’s jokes on others?

14. Convince your friend to join you in doing an April Fool’s Day stunt at recess.

15. Write an article for the school newspaper informing students about the origins of April Fool’s Day.

16. Write a hilarious story using these words: amusing, prankster, childish, silly

17. List ten facts and ten opinions about April Fool’s Day.

18. The newspaper headline reads, “April Fool’s Day Joke Gone Wrong at Local Diner!” Write the article.

19. Write about a time when you had to apologize for playing a prank on someone.

20. What type of April Fool’s Day jokes do you think teachers play on each other? 

21. Do you think pastors should embrace the festivities of April Fool’s Day? Why or why not?

22. Explain April Fools to someone who isn’t familiar with the holiday.

23. The answer is “April Fool’s Day”. Write ten different questions.

24. Imagine that you have a jester friend that will spend the day with you at school. Write a story about this adventurous day.

25. Write 10 words related to April Fools Day. Then compose a poem that includes all the terms.

26. Tell about a time when you witnessed someone become angry after being fooled.

27. Describe what it means to have a sense of humor. 

28. Compose a poem celebrating laughter.

29. Describe ways to make someone laugh uncontrollably. 

30. If you were a jester, who would you play jokes on, and what pranks would you pull on them?

April Fools writing prompts
April Fools writing prompts

31. Draft a funny story about a grumpy old man who loves April Fool’s Day. 

32. Provide examples and non-examples of someone being amused by something.

33. Compare and contrast a magician and a prankster.

34. Your doorbell rings. Upon answering, you see a jester standing there juggling.  Complete the rest of the story.

35. Write a series of jokes.

36. In your opinion, why are some people more easily fooled than others? 

37. If you had to design a bumper sticker celebrating April Fool’s Day, what would it look like? Describe it.

38. Here’s a story about a time when someone played an April Fool’s Day joke on me…

39. Describe a scary April Fool’s Day joke.

40. Write a descriptive paragraph about a jester.

41. Do you think it would be more fun to play a joke on a small child or an elderly person? Explain.

42. Share the best things about April Fool’s Day.

43. Write about the most memorable April Fool’s Day.

44. Tell about a time when you felt so embarrassed that you just wanted to run and hide.

45. Who in your family is the hardest to play a joke on and why?

46. Create an acrostic poem using the word silly.

47. How does responding to April Fools writing prompts improve writing skills?

48. Write about a time when you laughed so hard. What was the cause of your laughter?

49. Compose a funny story about a circus clown who performs an April Fool’s joke on an unsuspecting audience member.

50. Explain how using humor makes a bad situation better.

51. Share a story about an April Fool’s Day joke that crossed the line into being rude or mean.

52. Draft a paragraph describing a jester using similes and metaphors.

53. Summarize the history of April’s Day in a paragraph or two.

54. Describe how you feel when your April Fool’s prank is exposed before you have performed the joke.

55. Would you rather laugh uncontrollably like a hyena or a chimpanzee? Why?

Final Thoughts On April Fools Writing Prompts

Now you have a ready supply of April Fools writing prompts to celebrate this humorous day.