Anticipation Guide Examples That Boost Comprehension

The following anticipation guide examples not only improve reading comprehension but keep elementary learners actively engaged in the lesson.

Keep reading to discover how you can download a free copy of each anticipation guide example shared in this post.

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Anticipation Guide Examples

Math Anticipation Guide

anticipation guide math example

Reading Anticipation Guide

anticipation guide james and the giant peach reading

Science Anticipation Guide

anticipation guide example rocks and minerals science

Science Anticipation Guide

anticipation guide science example

Social Studies Anticipation Guide

branches of government anticipation guide example

Anticipation Guide Samples (Free Download)

If you teach second, third, or fourth grade, you may want to grab a copy of these templates.

To grab a copy of these anticipation guides via Google Slides, do the following…

  1. Log into your Google account.
  1. Click the link below, and you’ll be asked to make a copy. (Which will automatically download into your main drive).
  1. To use the templates, simply print. The last slide is editable so that you can add your own statements using any book. 

How to Use Anticipation Guides

Before Reading

After completing the “BEFORE” section, learners read to discover which statements are actually true or false.

As they learn this information, they mark each statement in the “AFTER” column with T for true or F for false.

This step of checking for understanding by confirming or rejecting previous choices encourages learners to notice how their schema changed.


After reading, the kids compare their “BEFORE” and “AFTER” statements, taking mental notes of which ones they had correct.

Their knowledge of the topic has increased and subsequently so has their understanding of the text.

You’ll even find that a significant number of your little ones are interested in learning more about the topic.

As a challenge, have students rewrite each false statement into a true one.

Try These High-Interest Anticipation Guides

Test out these anticipation guide examples, and watch your students’ reading comprehension skyrocket.