14 Exciting After-Testing Activities for Middle School Students

After taking a test, middle schoolers need time to decompress.

Instead of immediately transitioning back into the regular learning routine, why not implement some engaging after-testing activities for middle school students? 

These enjoyable after-testing activities will help them to relax as they are specifically designed to make post-test days a bit more exciting. 

From brain-teasers to creative projects and everything in between, you will find something to fit the preferences and needs of your middle schoolers.

It’s time to help your students put their test anxieties aside and explore a variety of engaging educational activities that will keep them focused until the next class period or the end of the school year.

After-Testing Activities For Middle School Students

Welcome Guest Speakers.

Welcoming guest speakers is a great after-testing activity for middle school students as it enhances learning experiences and exposes students to diverse perspectives. 

By inviting professionals or community members to share their knowledge and experiences, students gain valuable insights and can engage in meaningful discussions. 

Guest speakers can provide real-world examples, spark curiosity, and inspire students to explore new fields or career paths.

Make a Boardgame.

Designing a board game can be an exciting and creative project that combines elements of strategy and problem-solving.

Students will stretch their imaginations by inventing unique game rules, characters, and objectives. 

Participate In Book Clubs or Literature Circles.

Book clubs or literature circles offer an enriching way for students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of literature. 

By reading and discussing books in small groups, students explore different interpretations, share insights, and engage in thoughtful conversations. 

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Learn Financial Literacy.

Exploring financial literacy with students equips them with essential knowledge about budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. 

By engaging in such activities, students develop practical skills and learn to make responsible financial decisions that will have life-long benefits.

Make a Creative Book Report.

If you seek after-testing activities for middle school students that are more on the creative side, try this idea. 

Moving beyond traditional book reports, a creative book report encourages students to showcase their understanding of a book through imaginative and artistic means. 

Students explore various formats such as creating a diorama, designing a movie poster, or even staging a skit based on the book. 

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Go On a Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger hunts are interactive and enjoyable activities that can be tailored to various subjects or themes. 

Create a scavenger hunt for students, or have them make their own in groups.

Students then collaborate to solve the riddles or find hidden clues.

Set Up Hobby Exploration Stations.

Hobby exploration stations offer students the opportunity to discover and engage in different hobbies or interests within an interactive setting. 

Each station can be dedicated to a specific activity, such as painting, poetry, photography, coding, or playing a musical instrument. 

Students rotate among the stations, trying out different hobbies and discovering new talents. 

Make a Solar Oven.

Building a solar oven is an engaging and educational project that combines science and sustainability. 

Middle school students learn about solar energy, insulation, and heat transfer by constructing a simple oven using cardboard, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. 

Through experimentation and observation, they can harness the power of the sun to cook food!

See how to make a simple solar oven.

Write Cards of Appreciation to Staff.

Encouraging students to write cards of appreciation fosters empathy, kindness, and gratitude. 

Students reflect upon the positive impact teachers, custodians, administrators, and/or other staff members have had on their educational journey.

Organize a Candy Gram Fundraiser.

A candy gram fundraiser is a fun, kind, and delicious way to raise funds for a cause. 

Students create and sell personalized candy messages that are delivered to recipients within the school community. 

This activity promotes teamwork, organization, and entrepreneurial skills as students handle inventory, marketing, and order fulfillment. 

Make and Break a Piñata.

This is arguably one of the most popular after-testing activities for middle school students because it adds festive fun. 

Students design and construct their own piñatas using papier-mâché or other materials, allowing them to showcase their artistic talents. 

Once the piñata is complete, the class comes together for a celebratory event where students take turns breaking the piñata and enjoying the treats inside.

Create a Series of Quizzes.

Creating a series of quizzes is an engaging way for students to reinforce their knowledge and test their understanding of a particular subject. 

Students collaborate in groups to design fun quizzes with multiple-choice, true or false, or open-ended questions. 

Afterward, quizzes can be shared among classmates, allowing everyone to benefit from the collective learning experience.

Participate In a Wax Museum.

A wax museum is an interactive and educational project that allows students to embody historical figures, famous personalities, or characters from literature. 

Each student selects a notable figure, conducts research, and prepares a short monologue or presentation. 

They then transform into their chosen character, dressing up and assuming their roles within a designated museum area. 

Visitors walk through the museum and interact with the “wax figures,” learning about their lives and contributions.

You’ll find this to be one of your most popular after-testing activities for middle school students.

Build a Log Cabin Model.

Building a log cabin model provides students with a fun, hands-on experience in architecture, design, and construction. 

Working individually or in groups, students create miniature log cabins using craft materials, popsicle sticks, or building kits. 

Final Thoughts On After-Testing Activities for Middle School Students

Providing middle schoolers with time to decompress after taking a test is essential for their well-being and academic success. 

By implementing engaging after-testing activities, you create an environment where students can relax and enjoy themselves. 

These after-testing activities will keep middle schoolers focused and motivated until the next class period or the end of the school year.