17 Exciting After State Testing Activities for Students

The dreaded state testing period is finally over, and it’s time to let loose and have some fun.

After weeks of preparation and nerve-wracking exams, it’s important to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere in the classroom.

Whether you want students to take a break from standardized testing or need ideas for what to do after a test in class, the following after-testing activities will serve you well.

These after state testing activities celebrate students’ hard work, help them to relax, and recharge their spirits.

Say goodbye to test stress and hello to a world of post-testing adventures!

After State Testing Activities

1. Make a Shoebox Float Project.

Encourage students to unleash their creativity by assigning a shoebox float project.

Let them use various materials to create imaginative floats based on a fun theme. This activity allows students to think outside the box and showcase their artistic skills.

See the full instructions for how to make a shoebox float.

2. Go On a Measurement Scavenger Hunt.

Reinforce measurement concepts by organizing a scavenger hunt in the classroom.

Students measure items such as their desks, their feet, their heights, the perimeter of the classroom, etc.

Recording their findings in their science journals and comparing results with classmates adds an interactive element to the activity.

3. Participate In a Tether Ball Tournament.

If you seek activities to do after state testing that can be done outside, try this one.

Take students outdoors for a friendly tetherball tournament. Organize matches where winners compete against new opponents until a final champion emerges.

This idea promotes physical activity, allows fresh air, and sparks healthy competition among students.

4. Have a Lego Buiding Competition.

Challenge students to work in groups and build impressive structures using Legos.

Set a time limit, and let their creativity flow as they collaborate and construct unique designs.

This activity fosters teamwork and allows students to explore their imagination.

5. Do School Beautification.

Engage students in improving their school environment by planting trees, picking up litter, or creating attractive bulletin boards.

By taking ownership of their surroundings, students contribute to a welcoming and appealing school community.

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6. Make a Class Book.

This is arguably one of the most popular activities to do after state testing.

Invite students to contribute to a class book.

Each student can write a chapter or section based on a chosen theme or topic.

Once complete, the book can be sent for binding, creating a lasting keepsake that showcases their writing skills and collective effort.

7. Put Together a Time Capsule.

Encourage students to create a time capsule by bringing in a shoebox or any suitable container.

They will fill it with items that represent significant moments in their lives at present.

Sealing the box and opening it in the future allows students to reflect on their growth and cherished memories.

8. Have a 1,000-Piece Puzzle Competition.

Divide the class into teams and provide each group with a 1,000-piece puzzle. The first team to complete the puzzle wins.

This activity promotes collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving skills while providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience after testing.

9. Plan an End-of-Year Party.

Involve students in planning the end-of-year party.

Assign them into groups to brainstorm ideas for food, activities, and invitations.

By participating in the planning process, students feel excited and empowered, creating a memorable event for everyone.

10. Conduct Research and Present.

Encourage students to conduct research on a topic of interest using online resources.

They gather information, organize their findings, and present them to their classmates.

11. Host a Mock Award Ceremony.

To add a touch of fun to after state testing activities, organize a mock award ceremony to celebrate the unique qualities and accomplishments of your students.

While traditional award ceremonies can be serious, this twist adds humor and lightheartedness.

Consider including fun awards and dedicating a segment of the ceremony to amusing categories.

12. Participate In An “Unusual Words” Spelling Bee.

Inspire students’ interest in language by introducing them to the book “P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever” by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter.

This humorous read highlights English words that defy typical spelling patterns.

Afterward, engage students in a lively classroom spelling bee where they can test their spelling skills with unconventional words.

Quiet Activities for After Testing

For quiet activities to do after state testing, try the following.

13. Write a Letter to Rising Students. 

Ask students to compose letters offering encouragement, tips, and valuable information to students who will be moving up to their grade level in the next school year.

This activity promotes empathy and helps create a smooth transition for incoming students.

14. Respond to End-of-Year Reflection Questions.

Provide students with a list of thoughtful questions to contemplate their accomplishments, areas for improvement, favorite moments of the year, and progress toward their goals.

Reflection fosters self-awareness and allows students to appreciate their growth.

See a full list of end-of-year reflection questions.

15. Make Pet Rocks. 

Engage students in a calming and creative activity by having them make pet rocks.

Provide large rocks, or encourage students to find their own.

With paint and other materials, students can transform the rocks into pet-like figures, using themes or expressing their individual creativity.

Display the finished rocks around the school, or allow students to take them home.

16. Complete Logic Puzzles.

Challenge students’ critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities by offering logic puzzles.

These puzzles provide an entertaining and engaging way for students to apply their knowledge while working individually or in pairs.

17. Design an After-Testing Bulletin Board Display.

One exciting after state testing activity is to empower students to design and innovate their very own bulletin boards.

By this point in the year, students are familiar with the concept of bulletin boards and how they function. They have likely accumulated a wealth of ideas and artistic inspiration.

By assigning a fun theme, students can collaborate in pairs to sketch and bring to life their vision for a captivating bulletin board display.

Final Thoughts

After testing, it’s crucial to provide students with enjoyable and educational activities that allow them to relax, explore their creativity, and engage with their peers.

These fun activities to do after state testing offer a diverse range of options, from hands-on projects to collaborative challenges.

By incorporating these activities, educators can create a well-rounded and enjoyable post-testing experience for students.