11 Good 2nd-Grade Research Topics You Haven’t Thought Of

Second grade is definitely not too early to get started with learning how to do proper research using online and offline resources.

Yes, second graders can do research!

To kickstart their efforts, here you will find a collection of good 2nd grade research topics that are interesting high-interest to second grade elementary students.

These research topics cover a range of subjects and increase students’ appreciation of the world.  

What’s so great about doing research at such a young age is that many second graders are naturally inquisitive, so they will be highly motivated to seek answers to their most burning questions. 

Leverage this curiosity by empowering second graders to take the lead in their own learning. 

As they search for knowledge and answers, their minds will generate even more questions.

They will now have the skillset, tools, and mindset needed to continue their research journey confidently. 

What’s more, students will be excited to share their findings with the class. 

So utilize these powerful 2nd grade research topics if you want to sharpen students’ research skills and nurture inquisitive critical thinkers.

2nd Grade Research Topics 

If you seek questions for your students that will help to jumpstart their research efforts, look no further than here.

Following you will find the best second grade research topics.

1. Energy

Energy is all around us, and it takes many forms. 

Encourage second graders to explore all of these different forms of energy in order to discover how they show up in their lives. 

This research topic prompts a journey of fun exploration and amazing facts about the power of energy. 

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Forms of energy
  • Renewable vs. nonrenewable resources
  • Advantages of renewable resources
  • Solar energy
  • Law of conservation of energy

2. Scientists and Inventors

We can thank scientists and inventors for advancements in technology. 

Second graders will be excited to discover the history of some of the inventions that they use in their everyday lives and most likely take for granted. 

Because there have been so many scientists and inventors throughout history, your entire class could research a different scientist and inventor and you would still have only tapped the surface.

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • Transportation 
  • Computers
  • Communication
  • The wheel
  • Entertainment

3. Physical Properties of Matter 

In addition to having students differentiate between the three states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases), you could extend their thinking by encouraging them to explore the different properties of matter.

These properties include texture, weight, color, volume, size, and mass. 

This research idea for second graders is a great opportunity for students to use the five senses to deepen their understanding of matter’s characteristics. 

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Temperature’s effect on matter 
  • Characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases (with examples)
  • Boiling, melting, and freezing points
  • Heating and cooling changes
  • Weight, mass, and volume

4. Community Leaders

There are so many people in our life who enrich it, making it better, healthier, safer, and happier.

Encourage second graders to appreciate the community leaders who make a difference.

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • Role/duty of public servants such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.
  • Compare/contrast professions
  • Importance of leaders
  • Causes and effects of having/not having certain community leaders
  • Importance of belonging to a community

5. Force and Motion

A force is a push or pull. Its impact is seen when something moves or changes. 

While there are forces of nature (e.g. planets rotating in space, gravity, electricity), other forces require work by humans. 

Simple machines make work, or force, easier for humans by helping to move objects. 

Furthermore, magnets are a force of nature that pull objects over a distance without the objects touching.

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Simple machines
  • Forces of nature and their impact
  • Laws of Motion
  • Gravity, weight, and mass
  • Magnetism

6. Plants and Animals

There are so many topics to explore when it comes to plants and animals. Second graders can take their pick. 

Besides exploring the characteristics of plants and animals, students could dig deeper by researching the food chain, camouflage advantages, prey/predator relationships, animal classifications, and adaptations. 

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • Food chain 
  • Compare/contrast amphibians, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc.
  • Plant or animal adaptations
  • Migration and hibernation
  • Habitats
  • Basic needs of plants and/or animals

7. The Moon

The moon is an incredibly fascinating body, and second graders will be excited to learn more about it. 

Though there is quite a bit known about the moon, there’s still so much that remains unknown. 

Students can explore how the moon affects our life here on Earth. They may also research what scientists have discovered about the moon thus far. 

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Phases of the moon 
  • The moon as a satellite
  • Astronauts who have visited the moon plus their discoveries
  • Characteristics/names of the moon
  • Earth’s tides

8. Weather

Everyone experiences the impact of weather because it’s impossible to detach from it. 

How often, though, does one stop to ponder the effects of weather in the world? 

If there’s a snowstorm or downpour, then obviously that will impact how we move throughout the day.

But what about weather patterns, weather conditions, and global warming? How do humans positively and negatively affect weather? 

These are all good research topics for second graders to explore. 

After diving deep into this topic, students will view weather from a different lens and understand how it impacts their environment.

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • How to predict, measure, and record weather 
  • How weather affects our habitats/living environments
  • Causes, purpose, and benefits of dew
  • Water cycle
  • Global warming
  • Types of natural disasters and their effects

9. Insect Life Cycles

Insects are such unique creatures. 

Prompt students to explore the life cycles of various insects such as beetles, mosquitos, and ants.  

Second graders will gain a better appreciation of insects and how they exist (and even positively impact things!) in the world.

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Unique stages of life for insects 
  • The life cycle of a butterfly
  • The life cycle of an ant
  • The life cycle of a fly or mosquito
  • The life cycle of a bee

10. Natural Resources

Natural resources are assets in nature that are used by people in order to survive and live better.

Examples include animals, rocks, plants, air, soil, light, and minerals. 

Unfortunately, natural resources are sometimes exploited. 

These interesting facts make a great research topic for 2nd grade kids. 

This is a great opportunity for second graders to see how natural resources improve their lives.

What’s more, they will understand how they can use natural resources in an ethical way.

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • The exploitation of natural resources
  • Natural vs. manmade resources
  • Disposal of natural resources
  • Saltwater vs. freshwater

11. Dinosaurs

There is so much to uncover about dinosaurs because no one living today was around during their time.

How did dinosaurs live? How did they become extinct? What were they like? Did they co-exist with humans?

These are just a few questions to ask students in relation to dinosaurs.

Specific 2nd grade research topics to explore include…

  • Dinosaur fossils 
  • Myths about dinosaurs
  • Types of dinosaurs and their characteristics
  • Dinosaur discoveries around the world
  • Cool and interesting dinosaur facts

12. The Rock Cycle

Due to the movement of the earth’s surface, rocks are constantly changing. These changes are referred to as the rock cycle. 

The rock cycle includes metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. 

Second grade students will research the movement of the rock cycle. 

Specific research topics for second graders to explore include…

  • Metamorphic rocks 
  • Igneous rocks
  • Sedimentary rocks
  • The rock cycle
  • Volcanos and the rock cycle

Final Thoughts On Second Grade Research Topics

You no longer have to search endlessly for good writing research topics for second graders. 

Now you have a collection of good 2nd grade research topics that will engage students in meaningful exploration.